Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Beginning

Oh, I don't even know where to begin. Isn't it painful to start something from scratch sometimes? I have an insane amount going on in my life right now, and if I tried to update you on it all, this would be a never ending post. So I'll save that for some separate individual ramblings later, and I'll fill you in on the basics for now.  

 My name is Casey, and I'm 23 years old. I'm a newlywed, just married on April 24, 2010 to my husband Eric.  Essentially in less than one year, I moved 2 states away from all family and friends, bought a house, looked for and started a new job, started law school, planned a wedding, and got married.  And yes it was hard. And yes I will look back one day (like, now) and wonder how I did it all. But here we are. Still kickin, still driven, and still making time for the fun stuff.

On our honeymoon in Rome. Right before I fell down a flight of stairs in a castle.
 Things I love and adore? Eric, reading, the way new books smell, strong coffee, crafting, autumn colors, Christmas, pearls, the ocean, high heels, football, pumpkin spice lattes, the Today Show (sometimes I DVR it...don't judge), finding a good deal, friends that feel like home, and the closeness I have with my mom and Nana. 

Things I have a love/hate relationship with? Working out, law school, cleaning my house.

Things I hate? Frogs (One got in my house once when my husband wasn't home and he thought it was funny when I freaked out. Until I started crying that is.) And I also hate dishonesty and being close minded. State your opinion, but back it up. Keep it real folks, just simply keep it real.  People who don't are equated to frogs.

So disgusting. I can't believe I even put this photo on here.

So why in the world would I take the time to start and upkeep a blog?  Several reasons, other than the fact that I am an out-of-the-closet over-achiever.  One, I love love love following them and trying the projects and recipes that so many of you post for my enjoyment. And I feel slightly guilty for not giving something back.  Two, I want to hold onto the memories of these special "firsts" forever; someday my family will want to go back and relive these. Three, I wanted somewhere to write about the things that I do just for me, just for us. English major? Edited. Tax Law? Boring, detailed, scripted. Law school? Incredibly difficult, tedious, interesting only to a select, weird few. Like me. I do mean that in a loving way. Blogging? HALLELUJAH! I can ramble about things that other women are interested in, meet new people who like doing the same things as me (other than reading case law), and none of it has to be edited, or scripted, or even relevant to the facts of the case at hand! 

Since we bought our first home, I have found SO much enjoyment in decorating, DIY projects, cooking, and photography (Nikon D5000...love).  Writing about and sharing things certainly don't fit into any other aspect of my life, thus the birth of my blog. I am such an ridiculous perfectionist student, and high-strung compulsive planner - I have VOWED to not stress at all too much over the content of this blog and how perfectly it is written. Because who reading it really cares? At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy what I write and I want to enjoy writing what you read. And I want it to be personal. Because that's the life we live.  

The name of the blog comes from how Eric once described my style, fashion and otherwise, and it simply stuck. Classic with a pop. I might act a little more "grown up" than what I am (my mother loved me as a child), my favorite store might be Ann Taylor, and I might wear plastic rimmed glasses (cute ones, promise) and be able to quote case law on demand, but I always manage add a little pizzazz. One little "pop". An example of my style in a nutshell? My  Christian Louboutin heels that Eric gave me as a wedding present to wear to the opera in Italy (which we never attended because the singers went on strike. Story of my life. But I still have the heels!) The only pair of expensive designer shoes that I currently do or ever will own. Ahhh just that subtle little pop of red. Says so much. Love them.

High High High heels - I adore. The sole reason I will have ugly feet as an old lady.

 Moving on...my very first tutorial is coming soon...grilled pizza. Eric and I made it a couple of weeks ago as a healthy alternative to the Dominos  that we were really craving on a Friday night, and have made it approximately 4 times since. Really, it's that good.  Can't even tell it's healthy :)

I am positively certain that I have left out things that you want to know and written too much about things you don't care to know, but it is what it is. Stay tuned for more, add me to your reader of choice, and feel free to comment and question in the meantime!

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  1. Hi Casey, My name is Ada.

    I have started blogging around the same time as you but due to many other achievements, being completely, totally & utterly busy and makins some big changes in my life (in the last year), my blog didn't truly start till I kick-started it this year in 2012. I just saw your blog and I just became a follower/reader.

    I usually like to start following interesting people like yourself, from the very first blog. And so I am doing. This first post tells me a lot about you and can't wait to read more. You sound like a true Southern Belle.

    Please start reading me and become a follower. I do appreciate it.