Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I didn't even make it to September.

I tried. I really really tried to wait at least until September to start obsessing about and decorating for fall. But I just didn't quite make it. I added some fall decorations to my collection at home this weekend (you'll see those in our fall tour of homes later on!) after an outing to TJ Maxx Homegoods and that just set the pumpkin ball in motion. We closed on our house exactly one year ago this week, and we just "completed" decorating. Of course I'm never actually finished because I love tweaking things along the way and changing up the decor with the seasons. Our house really pops in the fall and at Christmas because I am naturally attracted to fall colors and have decorated with warm colors throughout.

Now, we live in Florida. We don't have cool fall days by any stretch of the imagination; the days normally get down into the 60's in mid to late December and not a minute before. But this past weekend, it rained all day on Saturday, so I at least got to pretend that that our muggy day was actually cool and dreary. By Saturday night, I was baking peanut butter brownies in my kitchen, playing Christmas music in the background,  burning a vanilla candle (I am determined to save the pumpkin ones for September), sipping a pumpkin ale, with my husband watching some football in the background. Happy as a pig in mud, I tell you.
My Nana goes, "Now just what did Eric say about you playing Christmas music in August?" to which I replied, "He loves every minute of it because it puts me in an excellent mood for days."  I even catch him humming along sometimes. We make a good pair. He had no idea what kind of seasonal activity he was getting himself into when he met me.
So anyway, because I have autumn on the brain, I thought I'd share a few of the things that make me so darn giddy.

First and foremost, fall means the lead-up to Christmas. Which I just absolutely love and adore. Maybe more than fall. Makes my heart go pitter patter.
Eric carrying in our very first Christmas tree last year! We wore shorts to cut it down. Welcome to Flo-rida.

Me two years ago on a fall trip to Asheville just thrilled at the first sighting of Christmas trees on the mountain. Firs, Pines, whatever, they're CHRISTMAS trees.
Second, I just love the colors of fall. Isn't that gold scarf up there to die for?

Oh the depth of color in those leaves. Every year, this time of the year, Eric and I consider selling our house and moving back to the Northern Carolinas. I long for streets like this during autumn.

Mums. I killed the first two we bought last year. Bought two more, they died too. I think they just can't handle the FL heat. I buy them anyway. 

On a rooftop tour of Biltmore. Breathtaking.

 Third, all things pumpkin. The flavor, the scent, the colors...I love it all.

Us with Eric's family 2 years ago (minus Dad, who is behind the camera I suppose)  after decorating pumpkins. Mine is supposed to be a football player. If you think it looks like an Asian child, don't you dare comment and tell me so.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh how I long for you. As if Starbucks needs any more advertisement. I generally avoid the $3 a pop drinks all year long so that I can not feel guilty about buying them daily weekly when fall comes around.
Even my husband feels fall in the air with Pumpkin Ale. There are several different brands, but Shipyard is my favorite. I've checked stores for it 3 weekends in a row with no luck. And picked up 3 different other brands to try in the process. 
 Fourth, the scents and the smells of baking and candles and warmth.

Another high priced item that are so totally worth it in my opinion. Even my husband agrees that the cheaper candles just don't do the trick. If you know one that does, please let me know. Until then, I'm a devoted Yankee...only in the candle sense.

Fifth, the decorating and the fabric and all the fun things that I can craft.

My favorite shot ever from Pottery Barn's fall catalogue last year. When we move back to the Carolinas someday,  I insist on having that gorgeous door and shutters as a backdrop to my autumn decorations.

Sixth, Football. High School, College, Professional...we love it all.

Go Steelers!

And last but not least, family.  I grew up in a small town no more than 20 minutes away from family members, so the holidays are even more special now because it's a guaranteed trip back home for some cooler weather and all things family.  Not too cool - just to SC.  Let's not get crazy with snow or anything.  Although Eric and I live in FL, both of our families live in SC, so that makes it easy easier to see both at the holidays.

Neither of our families. But it just goes to show that we need to do a better job with the self timer on the camera this year at the holdiays...I don't have one single photo of either of our families together. Not one people! So this was close enough.
This morning my Nana said in her cute Southern accent, "Well, I put my pumpkin on the dining room table yesterday."
Me:"Nana, it is NOT time for a pumpkin yet. Fall colors maybe, but not a pumpkin" (even I have my limits.)
Nana: "I mean, not a pumpkin. It's one of those iron ones that you put a candle in the middle of. I got it from Target last year."
Me: "So a pumpkin."
Nana: "Well yeah. But Papa hasn't realized that's what it is yet...he thinks it's just a normal centerpiece."
Yep, that's a pumpkin.

Bless her southern decorating heart. So at least I get it honest.

What's your favorite part of fall? Or do you just dread seeing the beach days come to an end? 

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