Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Christmas Gift Ever Received

12 Days of Christmas: Day 3

I honestly don't think I can pick one...without a doubt though, the best gifts - big or small - are always the ones that show that the person truly thought about you and picked out the gift with a whole heart.

I do remember getting a Baby Alive doll when I was a little girl though, and I thought that was the best gift ever. I think they still make them...just a higher tech version I'm sure :)

I'm always amazed when my husband gets me something for Christmas that I haven't mentioned since February...the fact that he notices and remembers makes me love him more. Like last year, I got Malcom Gladewll's new book, even though I had only mentioned it in passing months before. He remembered and took the time to order it and I love him for it :)

I also love small gifts that I can use all year long...my Nana buys me Yankee Candles every year as part of my gift from her and I love the yummy scents that last long after the holidays. And my mom always buys me something I enjoy using too...a Vera Bradley curling iron case, laptop case, and a grill for our new house last year are just a few examples that I still use to this day.

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