Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Traditions

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1

I'm linking up with Aly & Molly on this 12 Days of Christmas marathon...which is actually 14 days because there is so much goodness to go around! Jump in at any time - no boundaries here :)

I adore traditions. My family had pretty typical ones regarding Christmas growing up...we always had  hor dourves on Christmas Eve, we always left cookies for Santa, etc. However, we were always the first family to put up our decorations, and we had a tree in every room. Yep. Every. Single. Room. Including small ones in bathrooms. I adored it, and I'm slowly adding to my collection to make it happen in my own house...we're up to 4 this year!

Since Eric and I are newly married, we are starting to build our own traditions. One is that from Thanksgiving onward (okay, maybe before if I can find anything) we do at least one holiday activity a weekend. It's so fun, and it gives me an incentive to study for my exams when I have a fun event to look forward to! It might be a holiday movie, a play, or going to do a Christmas tour of homes (coming up this weekend and I can't wait!)

Another is that since we normally travel back to SC to be with family at the holidays, we always cook a nice Christmas dinner at our house and open our gifts to and from each other before we leave.  We also started the annual Ferri holiday party last year :) This year's will have a wine tasting theme and the invitations go out today! 

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