Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Least Favorite Thing About the Holidays

12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

I sincerely love all things holiday...any holiday. I love seasonal decorating in general. But Christmas is by far my favorite.  I guess my least favorite thing right now is less about the holidays and more about my personal situation with law school...instead of baking and crafting and shopping and wrapping to my heart's content, I am studying non-stop for finals that are 100% of my grade in every class and trying to appease myself with Christmas music. The appeasing part doesn't always work.

But I'm trying to remain positive about things this year.  Last year, I was completely overwhelmed (as was Eric) and got pneumonia on top of everything else during the exam period. Who does that? Seriously?  This year will be better...I'm in my second year, and have adjusted better to exams that are weighted that heavily.

There is an excellent post over at Chatting at the Sky dealing with this exact thing. It helps me remain focused and keeps me from feeling too guilty when I'd rather bake with Eric instead of locking myself away in the office.  Even though I have to say "no" to some social events and some baking and some down time, I'm saying "yes" to a law degree by the time I'm 25 and the opportunities that come along with that.  Even though I say "no" to studying my entire life away and maybe forfeiting the highest grade in the class, I say "yes" to a still-above-average GPA and more time with my husband.  

It's all about balance and understanding that saying "no" always means saying "yes" to something else. In that light, I'm looking forward to a joyous holiday season in the time that I do have :) Come onnnn December 14!

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