Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crafty Christmas Swap!

This year, I participated in my first ever handmade holiday gift exchange with other bloggers! The exchange was hosted by Craftholics Annonymous, and she did a great job of setting everything up and making sure everyone got their gifts on time!

I was paired up with Jean, who sent me a darling little box of handmade decorations that she sewed herself...including a handmade Raggedy Ann doll that went promptly up on a shelf to be saved for a ltitle girl to play with her someday :)  When Jean first emailed me she told me how exciting it was to her that I live at the beach in Tampa, as the beach is one of her favorite places and her dream is to one day live there. I knew I had to send some beach themed goodies to Jean for the holidays right then and there :)

I sent her a burlap table runner that I made (like the ones used at my wedding for those of you who were there!), fringed and accented with brown grosgrain ribbon and a real starfish! To accompany it, I used shells from the beach and added rustic Christmas ribbon to make little ornaments!

Merry Christmas Jean!

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