Thursday, April 28, 2011

Versailles, Day 1

Bonjour! After a long day of traveling, we made it to France safely! I got in some yoga and a nap when we got here, and am now good to go! We are starting our vacation off slowly , giving ourselves some much needed time to relax and breathe, with 3 days in Versailles. On Sunday, we'll be heading into Paris for the next 4 days.

Versailles is the most quaint little town...everyone is very friendly,despite the fact that very few people speak English. Our hotel, the Trianon Palace,has been nothing less than wonderful. By European standards, our room is ENORMOUS. I'm not normally one to focus on interior design, but the furniture here is gorgeous. Beautiful. So unique. Maybe I'll do a whole post just on the furniture...ha. We snapped a few pictures when we got here...we have the most amazing view out of our room. 
Beautiful tufted headboard...the design of this place is exceptional.

View from the foyer, looking in.

This hotel is on the grounds of the palace...the garden view is wonderful.

After a long night of travel, looking a little worse for the wear, but excited to be here :)
Bathroom with gorgeous marble.

View from our window.

Pretty, modern foyer in our room.

THE chair, my favorite piece of furniture in this entire hotel.

First stop, the most precious tea room where we had lunch and coffee. And a beer for Eric :)

My fish soup...absolutely wonderful. Eric had 3 different types of souffles, which were also delicious.

The smallest supermarket I have ever been in, out of any European country. Eric was trying to select a good wine for the room :)

We've tried out a lot of hotel robes in our days, but these might just take the cake...they're so warm!

  We ended up going to a creperia for dinner, and the food was fabulous, yet again. After a bottle of wine, and a couple of cafes, we are calling it a night...with a glass of red and a good book!

(What Eric does while I blog.)

Au revoir!

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