Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall in Love


Hi Pretties! I'm linking up with Heather today for her "Fall in Love" series that she's running every Tuesday through December! Head on over and get your fill of all things cozy and autumn :)

It's no secret to anyone that fall (being the building up Christmas) is my favorite season of all.  This past weekend, I told myself that I would go ahead and "autumnize" the house, but all I ended up doing was lighting a spiced pumpkin candle and drinking a spiced pumpkin ale while watching football games with my husband. I'm okay with that, how about you?

I just LOVE seasonal flavors...butternut squash, sweet potatoes, fresh apples, strong cheeses, pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg, pecan...I could go on. I did bust out a couple of fall recipes this weekend...

Apple and Goat Cheese Bruschetta (click photo for recipe)

and then an old favorite...

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew (click photo for blog I got the recipe from last year...this one will make your entire house smell like fall)

Eric and I have also been enjoying some outdoor exercise this week. Don't get me wrong, it's still warm here in Tampa, but dare I say that the humidity has dropped a bit? Mainly at night and in the morning. Makes me look forward to some beach time in October and November...I know that sounds weird, but it's prime time for pleasant temps on the beaches here on the Gulf! My favorite is early morning...fresh salty breeze, waves rolling in, long sleeved t-shirt, a cup of coffee and a good book in hand. Not Starbucks and Kindle mind you, a paper cup of beach diner coffee and a worn paperback.

Now, I love coffee more than most, year round. But my favorite fall treat, other than the scents, is pumpkin coffee. I searched high and low for it to brew at home in stores this weekend, and found none! Last year it was all over the place by August in TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc. This is my favorite that I bought all throughout the season...

Click Link to Order!

Unique Coffee Roasters is the best brand of pumpkin coffee I have ever had...and I have tried quite a few!  Even my mom and Nana stashed away several bags of this from TJ Maxx last year when they came to visit after having it at my house! Looks like I'll just be ordering from the source this year :) If you like flavored coffees in general, check them out...they have quite a variety, although I can't personally speak for any other than pumpkin!

And last for today, but not least, I love planning and a fresh start in the fall. I don't know about ya'll, and maybe it's just that I'm still in law school, but the beginning of a new school year feels like more of a new beginning than the new year in January!  I'm starting to get into a routine with the start of the new semester, and yes, I did jump on the Erin Condren train and buy a life planner...

It is large and in charge for sure, but I love the morning, day, night breakdown feature during the week because it really helps me keep my morning workouts, work, and school on track. 

If you think that's all I love about fall then you are cray-cray, but I have to have something to talk about on the Tuesdays to come don't I? {smile} Stay tuned for some yummy recipes and cute fall projects about to take place around my house!

And go! Go link up your fall loves with Heather today! I can't wait to see them :)


  1. that bruschetta looks incredibly delicious! fall has always been my favorite too...it's so fun to see what everyone loves about the season through the linkup!

  2. It hasn't quite cooled down here either, but I can still feel fall in the air! I think I might be the only one who doesn't enjoy the flavor of pumpkin. I love the scent though, so I'll make up for it with a pumpkin spice candle! :)

  3. Casey!!! What a fab post! SO many things I love about it, I don't know where to start. Pumpkin Spiced Ale? Do tell! I am looking for your coffee at my Home Goods this week! And, give me the weight and smell of a book every time! We squint at ENOUGH screens right? Thank you so so much for linking-up! A few more friends joined in this week! I LOVE reading all the fall faves! XO

  4. Hi Casey. Stopping by from "Big City Belle" & just wanted to share the love & of course...see what everyone else loves for/about fall! =) Great post! Have a beautiful night! XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  5. Fall is my favorite season too and I made that chicken stew last year and it was delicious! Can't wait to get my first pumpkin latte of the season tomorrow. Happy Fall!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I really do love fall. LOL
    We are going to the beach in November for my birthday and to see the Navy's Blue Angels.
    My husband can not believe that I want to go..I told him that I never get in the water, even in the summer (we went for July 4th).
    I just want to read and listen to the waves crashing on the sand.
    I feel the same way..the year starts when the kids (18&23) go back to school. Not sure how my 'Year' will be when they are out of college.LOL
    Have a great weekend,