Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Day 27} of 31 Days of Balance: Self-Reflect Often

So many times, we wait until we hit rock bottom before we sit back and think about what's wrong. I'm as guilty as anyone. I wait until I'm exhausted to figure out that I'm not getting enough exercise or enough sleep, and that's why I have no energy during the day. And it's a pattern...normally at about week 9 or 10 of a 13 week semester.  Instead of waiting until you can't go anymore, self-reflect often. Weekly, daily even, if you need to. How are you feeling?  What did you do this week that really energized you, that made you feel good about yourself? That was the most productive for your day?  What was the least productive? What made you cry? 

Reflect on those things, and then change the ones that aren't working for you.  It's easier to do this on a weekly or daily basis than when you have already worn yourself thin.  Balance comes in small steps...don't wait until you're at your wit's end to make the changes.  

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