Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Day 8] of 31 Days of Balance: Organize

We are more balanced when we are less stressed. We are less stressed when we are organized. Organize.

Organize in the ways that work for you. Organize what you need to make your day run more smoothly. Maybe it's okay that your laundry room is a mess because you only do laundry on the weekends, and that doesn't bother you. Maybe you have 5 children and a husband and an unorganized laundry room would be the death of you. Maybe you cook all meals of the day at home and having labeled tupperware isn't a big deal for you. But just maybe you're on the go like me, and you need lettuce, washed, chopped, and packaged for dinner on the run.

For me? 
- school bag must be organized
- kitchen counter and coffee table must be clutter free (baskets are your friend)
- planner must be color coded and up to date
- fresh veggies must be washed, chopped, and packaged (or they don't get eaten)
- mailing supplies (i.e. stamps, cards, etc.) must be organized
- my desk at work must be clean and organized
- my car must be clean
- my email must be organized and labeled (folders are your friend)

I don't worry about some of the home things, because I spend the majority of my week on the go. Therefore the things that are "on the go" have to be organized for me to operate smoothly. Your list will almost definitely look different than mine. That's okay. Just take the time to do it...it will bring so much more calm to your life. 

Here are some ideas to get you started...via Pinterest of course :) Because organizing photos and boards counts, right?
This blog has tons of good ideas and free labels/printables to get you started!

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