Thursday, March 7, 2013

Four Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I'm pretty sure Pierre hates me this morning. See evil eye, below.  Sometimes when he's sleeping, I just CANNOT leave him alone. I rub his face, rub his ears, kiss his squishy face, talk to him in the most annoying baby voice ever, and make up songs to sing to him. It has to be the most annoying thing in the world.

And yes, he sleeps on the back of our couch. Like a cat. There was a time when he wasn't allowed on the furniture unless he was "invited."  That lasted for a hot minute.

2. I have been craving bright spring colors for the past couple of weeks (along with the rest of the world).  Living in Florida, they sort of never go away. BUT. Bright corals and mint greens don't always work for professional situations. And for those, I love a good neutral. I found one I LOVE recently (and on sale), so I must share.  The color below is "Bare Bones." I really like this brand, Revlon ColorStay, for a few reasons. I swear it chips less than Essie, and it's half the price at Target. It also has a "flat" brush that makes application really smooth and easy.

3. Our realtor is coming over at 9 in the morning to get the ball rolling on putting our house on the market. As in, it's going on the market this weekend. Which means I have been running around like a mad woman this week trying to get the house spotless and put back together after our two months away. Eric and I are super excited, and nervous at the same time. We are thrilled to be moving back to the Carolinas. But selling a house? Our first house? With no definite time frame? I mean, we could be forced out the door next weekend. Works a number on this Type A household.  Except for Pierre, whose only concern is that we take "his" favorite couch with us.

4. Eric found this article, and I have to share. Of course, I emailed it to Sarah immediately already. I feel the need to instantly share all things basset related with her.  I have been laughing for the past two days at this. The Onion never disappoints.

Excerpt: " 'When presented with a variety of options, respondents across all demographics were nearly unanimous in voicing their preference that Vatican ceremonies, including Easter and Christmas masses, be presided over by a droopy-eyed basset hound with a big, tall pope hat sitting atop his floppy ol’ ears,” said pollster Diane Warnell, who noted that well over 9 out of 10 of those surveyed, including Catholics, expressed a strong desire to see a ceremonially clad dog pontiff roll around on his back in St. Peter’s Basilica, bark to a large crowd of worshippers from a Vatican balcony, or place his front paws up on a table and steal a ham sandwich right off of someone’s plate."


  1. The only time Walter ever growls in when you mess with him in his sleep, and it's more of grumble to tell you that he'd like to be left alone. But, I mean, really, who can resist a droopy, sleepy hound dog??

  2. Pierre! I wouldn't be able to leave his velveteen ears alone if he was sleeping either! "COME ON MAAAAA! I'm sleeping here!!!!!"

  3. Same here! I'm dying for Spring and am drawn to everything floral!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. I've gotten that look A LOT. But it is impossible not to snuggle them. Especially when they get that sleep smell and have frito paws!! I like that polish and I am a sucker for less expensive + flat brush- those things are genius!

  5. Love that nail color! Best wishes on selling your house and the move. : )

  6. Your basset is so cute! I can't stand it. And Pierre for a name?? LOVE it. My husband and I have a 5-month old basset hound mix and we love him.

    Your ring is gorgeous!

  7. Ohmigod, Pierre is the cutest thing ever! I love the one of him on the couch. Me situation is the reverse- my cat is super crazy in the morning and its so annoying when I`m just waking up!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. oh my gosh that basset hound as the pope is too funny! thanks for sharing and i can't leave my dogs too when they are sleeping, one dog will immediately walk up, roll around so i can rub his belly the other dog will still continue to sleep