Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is Good.

Only one week into school and I already feel like I'm treading water. Hence the lack of recipes and fall decor postings.  But I know I'm just adjusting. Even though I still worked at least 50 hours a week over "break" I was at least able to come home and work out and relax at the end of every day...now the earliest I get home is 10 pm during the week. With the exception of Wednesday...glorious Wednesday with no class and when Eric comes home to be with me if he's on the road traveling that week. I know, I know, I have the best husband. No matter that he's driving across the state tomorrow (literally, coast to coast...only in FL can you say that!) just so we can have dinner and an hour or two together before bed. I just adore him. 

And so we're trying this new thing...not complaining.  Getting through the week is tough sometimes...long hours, late nights, difficult classes, Eric on the road often. And in January we will both still be employed full time and both in school again...thats right. I'll be halfway through my 2nd year of law school and Eric is starting an MBA Program. And we have a home and a little thing called marriage to keep up with. And you know, life in general? Fun stuff? We somehow manage to make time for that too! But we've decided that even our lives day to day should be cause for celebrating. We both have excellent jobs, good and continuing educations, a beautiful home, money in the bank, and room to grow, and we get to do what we love everyday. And even though the day to day might be tiring, we are so so thankful that we have been given the opportunities to succeed.

  So we've decided to be a more positive. Not boastful, but proud of what we've worked for (because it certainly hasn't been handed to us) and thankful.  We relish the time we have together to relax a lot more than some people, and we're trying to think more positively about our obligations during the week.  Because we're growing...we're working toward a better life for the both of us, for our children.  Thank goodness we have more to do than lounge around all day! What good would that accomplish? We're building a life together, even though some days we might be apart.  It's an ongoing project that's so exciting.  And no, I cannot say that I would always  ever rather be in Constitutional Law instead of on the couch with Eric, but that's what "Wednesdays" are for :) We work hard so that we can play hard, and we appreciate each other more as a result, never losing sight of the fact that our relationship is the most important thing in our life together. 

Our life may be crazy busy, but it's ours and it's fulfilling. To the brim.  And we have each other.  So I'm going to do the best lawyering that I can in class tonight, appreciate that my husband is bank examining like no other this week, and look forward to Wednesday too :) Life is good.

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  1. Aww this post is so genuine, kind, sweet & romantic, filled with positive notes. It put a big smile on my face. Always be THANKFUL for what you have!! Someone always has it worse than you. ;-)