Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wine, Cheese, and Cheer!

Every year, we host a Christmas party at our house for our friends. Last year I was super stressed pulling it together - finals weren't finished until very late, and I only had a few days after exams to pull everything together. Because let's face it...nothing gets done between Thanksgiving and the end of exams except studying in this house.

But lo and behold...people came last year, and they drank, and they were cheerful, and they ate my not-so-gourmet hor dourves and cupcakes and enjoyed themselves! Despite the fact that my house wasn't completely decorated and despite that we used mis-matched wine glasses and despite the fact that my invitations weren't sent out on the finest linen...ha! They got a phone call! But imagine that! That fun could be had anyway :)

So this year I decided to take the simpler road, not get so caught up in the details that aren't any fun if they stress you out, and have a wine and cheese party!  I sent out a cute little evite - hello free RSVP tracking without me keeping up with cards! Every couple brought a bottle of wine to share for tasting, and Eric and I provided the cheese, a few choice bottles, and several other appetizers!

And of course...I forgot to take pictures of the setup before everyone arrived! But here are a few snapshots of some of our guests to entertain you :)

My friend "G" and I paying homage to our friend "B" who couldn't be there...his last name is "Hope."

Friends and classmates! Erin (left), Catherine (right), and Ryan, Catherine's boyfriend and fellow law student as of this year in the back :)

G, her friend Meg, and I chatting it up in the kitchen :) So happy we got to meet Meg and Greg who were visiting from out of town!

Eric and one of his BFFs, Jason. These two met in middle school in SC, and now Jason lives in Tampa too! How cool is that!
And the best part of the of my very best friends (and Eric's fraternity brother) from college, Kyle, drove all the way across the sunshine state (literally) from West Palm Beach to come to our party! I hadn't seen him since July! We sent him an invitation as somewhat of a joke and wishful thinking...and lo and behold we got a "yes" RSVP! Well, we got a "yes" via text message in classic Kyle Style.  Eric and I were so, so, so excited to see him! And I love this series of photos of the two of us...attempting to get a good one. So typical.

Take 1 - me tightening up Kyle's "double chin" that he swears he has in all of our pictures...

Take 2 - I can hear him now, "JESUS Casey, get it together!"

Take 3 - "Fix ya hair, lookin good, lookin good..." With his typical Syracuse accent.

Take 4: Annnnnd we got a winner! Despite the shaking camera from Eric laughing behind the lens :)

Not so different than our first photo together our freshman year of college...

At any rate, Eric and I had a blast hosting our first holiday party as an officially married couple :) Good friends and good times! Thanks to Eric for helping me get everything together after exams and to our guests for making the night so much fun!

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