Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week, I'm loving....

This pillow and these sheets from Pottery Barn. I've been wanting to change out the pillows on the couches in the living room to something more light and summery (they are red and tan damask right now), and these might just fit the bill.Perhaps paired with a couple of solids to break things up. Plus, they're monogrammable! I made that word up. I also lovvvve these sheets with the ruffles. But then again, I love anything with a ruffle. These both may be coming soon to a Ferri household near you...

These precious pajamas from Target. I talked myself out of buying them last week, but I think I've decided they are a summer must-have. Again with the ruffles...

That we have a long weekend coming up with no plans except relaxing and grilling out with friends!

That I am almost done with summer classes! I had my final mediation yesterday, I have my final counseling session next Wednesday (like, I am counseling a client regarding her estate planning, not that I need counseling myself. I mean...never mind), and then I will only have one formal exam to take! 

That I wore a maxi dress and flats to work today... and just put my hair up in a clip. After what seems like weeks of meeting with clients and being in suits and heels everyday, it's nice to be comfy. Plus, I can sit Indian style at my desk in a maxi dress. Just kidding. Maybe. 
Excuse the really crappy bathroom-at-work photo. And again, with the ruffles...

And as always, I'm loving my sweet husband :) Who supports all of my shopping habits, ruffling, and monogramming listed above. 

Join me over with Jamie and count the things that make you smile today! Makes for a much more pleasant Wednesday :)


  1. LOVE ~ LOVE! How about another Caylee Anthony post? I'd love to hear what you are thinking now?

  2. love love love that pillow. i seriously might have to buy it. looks a little 70s, which i love even more.

    im a new follower btw.