Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing...Mrs. Megan Sink Bush!

Sooo, the Mr. and I are officially back from the Sink/Bush wedding,  and I am officially done with my summer classes! Wahoooo!

Megan's wedding was gaw-geous. Simply beautiful. And she pulled off entertaining her 360+ guests seamlessly...with the help of Lou Ann, 2011's cutest Mother of the Bride (affectionately known as Louie).  Be prepared for a picture laden post...and don't judge quality, because I just used a point and shoot instead of lugging around the Nikon all weekend.

The night before, I prepped part one of Megan's wedding gift...the cutest shabby-chic wine holder ever. It can hang on the wall, or sit on the counter,and holds 4 bottles (which of course I had to add in to complete the look) and has a little drawer underneath.  I have had this since she got engaged...just saw it and had to buy.

Eric and I hit the road around 6:30 the next morning for North Augusta, SC. This was my view the majority of the way there and back...

Ohhh Florida Admin. I am so glad you're not a part of my life anymore.  When we got about 5 miles away from our hotel in Augusta...I spotted a Sonic. And it was happy hour! I convinced Eric to make a pit stop for a Diet Cherry Limeade. What should have been a quick stop turned into a fifteen minute one, because they FORGOT about us! How long does it take to pour a drink people? Eric legit had to knock on the window to get them to notice against again. Immensely pleased he was...

And I really just couldn't stop laughing at this uber-efficient road warrior's discontent. (Killed your time and your gas mileage, didn't it baby? I know, I know...but all turned out just fine :) )

We made it to our hotel, where we had a room with an awesome view over the river. We decided to go for a walk for a bit to stretch our legs after a long car ride, and I took a "classic Megan" photo just for her...Thumbs up for wedding weekend!

Then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. True story...I brought a cute black dress and my black Louboutins for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. At the last minute, I decide to text Megan to verify her wardrobe choices...a linen sundress and Jacks. Ha. Last minute change to a maxi and wedges. I go, "Crap Megan, I overdressed. Changing." She texted back, "Who's surprised? Not meeeee."  It's a chronic problem. Chronic.

I somehow managed not to take a single picture from the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner on my own camera, but they were both fab, and it's a good thing ya'll don't get to see some of the old college days that she portrayed on the slide show...

Next morning was the bridal brunch, and then we headed to La Dolce Vita Salon for hours of hair, makeup, and mimosas. (And goldfish Louie, goldfish. MOB was worried we would get drunk, and kept shoving snacks on us.) Megan gave us all matching earrings from Handpicked, a Tervis with our first initial, and paid for us to have our hair done as a bridal gift. Sooo sweet, so cute, and the salon we went to was AWESOME.

Louie getting her makeup done!

Bride's turn!

This salon had the best decor...I loved that mirror.

Megan finishing up with pretty!

The makeup artist kept saying that Megan looks like Adele...I think I see it in this photo!

Annnd yours truly...some of the other girls kept saying "not too much volume..." I told the stylist that I had absolutely no problem with BIG hair. She had fun with the teasing I think...
Then it was on to the church to get dressed and prepped for photos! I snuck a few of the decorations inside before people started getting there...

Perfect simplicity on the pews.

The bouquets were GORGEOUS and smelled heavenly.

Some of Louie's friends put together a little table of snacks for us to have for "lunch" before the wedding festivities...they were DELICIOUS. Southern ladies never leave you wanting a thing when they prep a meal.  The chicken salad didn't last long, that's for sure.

Then it was time to put on THE dress...if only ya'll could see what went on in that dressing room before she got into it...but we'll keep it clean :) 

Classic Megan! I knew it wouldn't take long for a thumbs up to appear...


It only took me three tries to get the garter on her for the photographer to get a good shot without Megan flashing everyone, but we finally got it right! Monogrammed of course :)

Then it was time for last minute touch ups and photos with the girls before the ceremony!

This took a few tries too, because Megan kept making this funny duck face which made everybody laugh. It's really hard to apply lip gloss while laughing..

I had the camera in the dressing room, and Eric didn't have the Nikon, so I don't have any pictures back from the ceremony yet! All I have to say is that it was beautiful. Megan was cool as a cucumber and joking around all day...and then she got to the alter (after the most stunning chiming of the hour on the church bells) and mouthed to me "there are SO many people here!" and started crying. And I had to look away my friends. Goodness. And then when the pastor prayed, I couldn't even bow my head or my nose dripped...true story, keepin it real. 

Megan's photographer was a rockstar - ceremony started at 6 and we got to the reception as the clock was chiming 7, all pictures done. 

Arriving at the reception! That's John, the groom, front right.

Gorgeous dress all bustled up for dancing.
Megan and Louie did a fabulous job with the decor and flower arrangements...

This was the gorgeous reception venue...except the middle was cleared out for Megan's reception and the band and dance floor were centered in front of that huge window. Crepe myrtles outside of it were in full bloom...a southern bride's dream view.

The food Megan had was delicious: carving bar with meats and rolls, grits bar with all the toppings (Eric's fav), the "dips" table, tons of fruit and veggies, and the most delicious cake. She was smart and cut the cake early so that it would get eaten...and there was not a single slice left. I am not a huge fan of cake at all... but hers was good.  

Megan's precious parents watching the cake cutting...
And then...the bride wasted NO time getting down on the dance floor.  We may or may not have danced to "Superman Dat Ho,"
a throwback to our Peer Mentor Days at Winthrop.  That's right, we performed this in front of all of the incoming freshman class when we taught ACAD 101. On stage. Collectively. below for your viewing pleasure. Megan, don't kill me.

After realizing that we had, in fact, reverted to sophomore/junior year of college and performed a skanky dance in front of 360 guests.
Later, Megan and John gave us a little show of their own...Cracked. Me. Up.

Quite possibly my favorite photo of the night...Megan breaking it down, and John chugging a beer on the dance floor.
Annnd on that note, this was the last picture of us of the night: 

The most fun I've had at a wedding reception completely sober. Because I was completely sober. Because I had to study for FL Admin all the way home the next day.

Eric and I ended up joining a couple of old friends from Winthrop at the hotel bar for a bit (where I had a water. with lime.), and then called it a night after the bride and groom departed. 

We ate really crappy junk food all the way home on Sunday (lunch at Cracker Barrel, snack time at Wendy's), and now I must detox for the next 7 days. Gross. But at the time, I didn't care. I was just trying to cram as much FL Admin in my head as possible before my exam on Monday night. And I am happy to report, it went very well.

Cheers to the bride and groom!  Megan, you'll be happy to see that I'm celebrating your marriage at work with my koozie :)

I'm sure there are much more flattering photos from other people and the photographer...I might have to include a few more when I get those! But I wanted to get these up for now, because every time I took a photo this weekend, Megan kept saying, "Blog me, girl, blog me." She is hilarious. I felt like I did nothing but laugh all weekend. 

For those of you who don't know, Megan and I have been friends since before I even moved in at Winthrop my freshman year...she saw that we had a friend in common on Facebook, sent me a message, and the rest is history. That was back in the good old days when you were actually friends with the people you were "friends" with on Facebook. Megan came to my dorm when I was moving in and offered to help me finish setting up my room. Something clicked between us, and we've been friends ever since. (Don't you just love friends like that?) From Peer Mentors, to being ambassadors, to her living with me and Polka Dot one summer, through some pretty crazy boys and relationships, to my wedding, and now to her wedding. I cannot imagine my time at Winthrop without Megan, because she was there from Day 1....literally. And in typical fashion, she was my even my very first weekend visitor after I moved to Florida. 

This weekend was so perfect for her and John - I hope they're having so much fun in Jamaica this week on their honeymoon! (I also secretly hope she comes back with cornrow braids...)I was so honored to be a part of the biggest day of their lives...I love you Megan, and I'm pumped about a lifetime more of memories with you! Thumbs up :)

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