Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Good morning ladies! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, and are well-rested for the week ahead! And if you're not well rested...well, I hope that means you had a LOT of fun this weekend.  It was another lazy weekend around the Ferri household. Let's recap, shall we?

First, I arrived home on Friday evening, and as Eric and I changed into workout gear to go for a run, I heard this unmistakable Christmas carol coming from his lips...

Now, we all know that I am a Christmas nut. A holiday nut, in general. So this thrilled my little soul. Not the best holiday carol, mind you, but Christmas all the same. We both died laughing and he muttered something along the lines of, "What has become of me?" Whatever. Christmas! I am so proud.

On Saturday, we had plans to head over to the beach and perhaps spend some time with the G's, but the torrential downpour at 9 am established otherwise. Instead, we drank a full pot of coffee and cleaned out the junk drawer on a whim. Thrilling, we are. A few things:

a) If you need any writing utensils, you know where to come.  Seriously, where did all of those come from? 
b) I cannot wait to use that little Autumn Wreath Yankee air gel when fall rolls around.
c) That black thing in the bottom left is a sock filled with rice, microwavable, for all your aches and pains. Try it ya'll, it's a lifesaver.
d) All those papers relate to my profit sharing plan at work...which I still need you to look over for me Eric, k? I know you read this :)

Then, we ventured out to drop Eric's car off for new tires, and I spent over an hour debating on new eyeglass frames, only to buy none because I am indecisive. And because my husband must not have had enough torture for the day, we decided to grab lunch and do some shopping. We were out of luck finding new casual loafers for Eric. (Speaking of which, does anyone know where to find shoes in a mens 13 wide/14?  We have difficulty even online!) Anywho, I had a couple of good finds on tops:


And, I also found a pair of mustard pumps that I have been searching for forevvvaaaa. I have a slight obsession with the color at the moment, which will only intensify upon pumpkin season.  Urban Outfitters has a great pair, but the heel is covered in suede, and I can see that being a disaster in less than 48 hours and a sidewalk crack. However, I came across these little beauties in DSW this weekend - still selling for $100 online, but I paid, oh a mere $25. I was indecisive of course, and we may or may not have left the store and then had to return to purchase, but I was excited after googling this morning and finding that I indeed, found a gem. Bonus? Super comfy.

Brand, if you're interested. You can normally find it at Nordstrom.

Annnnd on that note, I'm going to need this entire outfit to go with them. 


Annnnd on Sunday, it got even more exciting. We overslept, missed church, and woke up with a headache. At 10:30. Seriously?!?! I cannot recall the last time I slept that late. A waste of day as far as I'm concerned. No wonder I had a headache. The St. Pete Times and a pot of coffee made all well. Then, an oil change for me, a few errands, and I spent the afternoon tinkering in the kitchen while Eric worked on some things upstairs. 

Enter: pot of coffee number two. When one becomes two, it's a relaxing day. Or either exam time. Which is not relaxing, by any stretch of the imagination. Yesterday's pot was a relaxing one. Ahem, now that that's all cleared up...

I blanched some fresh broccoli to be frozen, and decided to revert to my southern roots and make crock pot butterbeans and homemade cornbread for dinner in accordance with the rainy afternoon. 

These crock pot liners are a huge time saver for easy clean up...

Not as good as my Nana's, but it will do...

Annnd then we finished up the night with a little DVR and an espresso. Typical Ferri evening.

That sure was a long post just to tell ya'll we didn't really do anything this weekend. Not to worry...this time next Monday, I'll have a whole slew of things to tell you about my bridesmaidly duties in Megan's wedding! Which has a final headcount of no less than 360 people... she is a southern belle power-bride and will pull it off without a hitch!  I cannot wait to see her and for the festivities!


  1. omg that cornbread looks to die for and it's sounds like yall had a quiet relaxing weekend. aren't those the best!

  2. Hey Casey,

    Just wanted to let you know you've been chosen as the winner in my fabulous summer giveaway! My email is Whenever you get a chance please send me a message so I know where to send your gift :) Thanks again for entering and I can't wait to send you all those goodies!

  3. How in the world did I not know about your blog? I am loving it..thank you so much for leaving your comment today and reading what I have to say. It means the world :) I can't wait to keep reading. I love the mustard shoes you found and I totally agree that you need the whole outfit to go with it :) Happy day to ya!