Sunday, September 11, 2011

A G Wedding

A little over a month ago, two of our very best friends got married here in Florida. Let us refer to them as "The G's".  No their last name does not start with a G, but it would take me entirely too long to explain the nickname to you, and you really don't care anyway, so I'll spare you. Regardless, I was honored to be a bridesmaid, and Eric was honored to be an usher on their most special day. I met Laura when I started law school, just a few months before my own wedding. It is safe to say that I might not have survived my first year without her, and Eric would have had a lot of lonely afternoons with me studying on the weekends if it wasn't for Scott (his spousal support buddy).  It is also safe to say that if I had known Laura longer, and if my own wedding planning wasn't practically done by the time I met her, then she would have been a bridesmaid in my own wedding. Let us pretend she was, shall we?

Anyway, I wanted to put up a little post to memorialize their big day and planning, seeing how we have been there through it all...from the day that Scott told us on the beach that he was planning on proposing in a few weeks. In fact, I nearly fell down the stairs trying to get to the phone when I heard it ringing, knowing it was Laura calling to tell me that she was engaged. (I will not cry writing this post, I will not.)  The planning process was so fun for us, so I'll start with some pictures of the gorgeous bride during her hair and makeup trial. Of course, the night ended by me making her try on the dress and veil for the full effect...

Fast forward to the weekend of the wedding...Laura's parents rented a beach house the week before the wedding and were nice enough to invite all of us over for dinner the Wednesday before.

Gorgeous view from the house, where we watched a gorgeous sunset.

Me and G, just a few days before the wedding!
 On Friday, we had the rehearsal at the church, followed by a delicious rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant thrown by Scott's parents.

Isn't she pretty? So excited at the rehearsal!
I really could have put a better picture, but this one is more accurate...laughter.

Real life. We're this attractive and put together all the time, really. ha.
After the rehearsal dinner, we headed back to G's hotel room for a little champagne, strawberries, and toasts...

98% of our friendship is pure laughter.

Laura and her longtime friend from home, Rachel. I want her to move here and be my friend too. The end.

Here I am trying to convince her. Just kidding. Sort of.

G being shady and talking about me behind my back. Ahem. :)
G giving a toast to her sweet mama :)

 You know how we always say those things won't last long and we'll be done early and get plenty of rest the night before a wedding? Right. About that....

But we were still up and at it early in the morning! I had at least 4 cups of Einstein coffee while I got my hair done and Miranda (another bridesmaid) and I held up the entire limo bus on the way to the reception because I had to potty. True story, who's surprised?

Keepin it real with aforementioned coffee in hand. Note Rachel V. on my left...apparently I was still campaigning for her friendship. On the right is Lauren, Laura's sister-in-law in t-minus two weeks!
En route to the church! Lady GaGa in the background of course.
G before the ceremony in the bride's room!

G's precious niece and flower girl, Maddie, with the pretty MOB:)

5 minutes to go until she walked down the aisle!

Bride's shoes :)

Annnnd my last photo of her as a single fitting.
 I will tell you that the ceremony was so so so perfect, and I nearly made it through without crying until the string quartet started to play Ave Maria. There are two ridiculously good shots of me hugging Laura, and then Scott, after the ceremony (taken by their professional photographer). They are going side by side in a double frame in their room our guest room at my house. I'll now give you a mirage of shots from their reception, and a few from their photographers, because I know ya'll are more interested in seeing the photos than hearing me talk anyway.

The newlyweds on the way to the reception!

Let the bubbly flowww....

Our third wheel law school classmate and partner in crime, Bennett...we are the bane of his existence :)

Me and my studdly husband...the shades were favors at the reception and they were a HUGE hit!

The G's making their entrance

Maddie with G's sweet parents

The grand departure! So glad she spotted me and my camera :)

Me and the Mr. again :)

Annnd a few professionals for you...

What you can't see is that we all lodged our champagne glasses in the bushes behind us to take that picture.

 I don't think G and I could have had an ounce more fun throughout the whole planning process if we tried. We had so much fun with both Laura's and Scott's family and friends the weekend of the wedding...they really are all so wonderful and personable.  We consider Laura and Scott a part of our family, and it was so special for us to get to meet and spend time with the people that they love. Eric and I are so so so blessed to have found Scott and Laura here in Tampa, and I really can't imagine law school without G in my life. We're looking forward to many, many more memories with them in the future...namely the birth of their children. Get crackin're first! Just kidding...sort of :) We love you...for real.

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  1. GREAT BLOG! Perfect wedding! We are so happy for L&S. And glad to know they have such great friends! It was a treat to meet you two! Quite the celebration! We couldn't be happier. Thanks for putting this together! - R & J, the FOG & MOG