Friday, September 16, 2011

Not your average Smarties...

So, a sweet coworker vacationed in London the past two weeks and brought me back a variety of British milk chocolate. She remembered my love for it, established during the semester that I studied abroad outside of Liverpool in college...the milk chocolate is like no other people. Really, it just tastes different there. News flash...Cadbury eggs are available there year round. Do you need another reason to vacation in the UK?

Now, she brought me back a little candy that I had seen in England, but never tried before.  They're called "Smarties" - not the sugary little concoction that we have here, but more akin to M&Ms. Except better. Wayyyyyy better.

 The point of this is that I opened up these little beauties to find that they are not brightly colored like M&Ms, or as they appear in the photo above....they are wonderfully, beautifully colored in shades of fall. Mustards, chartreusse, a milky brown, dusty blues, magenta...

This is exciting no? My husband will inevitably make fun of me for this post. Terrible quality photo from my desk today. Most beautiful little candies I've ever seen.

As if I needed another reason to love fall. Or chocolate.


  1. Wish I could try these! Chocolate might just be my favorite thing on the planet!

  2. I haven't tried these. I have been to London and, I know exactly what you mean about the chocolate!!! It is sooo creamy. The best chocolate in the world lives in England! I used to buy English goodies at World Market but, the one by my house has closed. I need to seek out another one! Have a great weekend!

  3. I agree that the chocolate over there is amazing. Pretty sure its because of the cocoa content vs the veg oil used in american chocolate. I didn't try smarties when I was there in 2001, but I will if I ever get back there!! Im glad you wrote an entire post in tribute of them, that says a lot about both you and the candy! :)

  4. Casey, I would love to have a Pumpkinhead with you! How fun would that be? I always read about girls who have "blates" or blogger dates but, I have never had one. If I ever get back over to Tampa, I'll let you know! My sister lives outside of Tampa. And, yes to the macarons and lattes in Paris! I miss Paris so much and, I was just there in March. I can't wait to go back!

  5. anything chocolate has to be great.

    your profile pic is adorable. beautiful bride.