Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Day 17} of 31 Days of Balance: Set a Schedule

Don't let this become you...


Are you not following a schedule, because you're too busy writing a schedule? Any compulsive planners out there? I have been there. Stop it. 

Make a schedule. Try it for a few days. Adjust the things that don't work. And then use it.

Want to start working out more? Cooking your own healthy meals? Keep the house clean during the week? Schedule it. Make it a habit.

Want to stop smoking? Want to stop buying coffee out every morning? Want to get more sleep and stop staying up so late? Schedule your way out of these things. Don't allow time in your day for them.

When things become routine, they become habit. And when they become habit, they are no longer a struggle. This, my dears is reaching balance.

[If you want to start with this series from the beginning, click here. You can check out all the other 31-dayers here.]

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