Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{Day 19} of 31 Days of Balance: Embrace the Seasons

We all know of my love for all things seasonal...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, I love them all. Our home decor changes on a regular basis. Yet...when it comes to change in our day to day lives, it's often not as easily accepted. One change leads to another. We know that a Christmas tree can easily come down, and can easily go up again the next year. We have control over that. Often, we have no control over the changing of seasons in our lives. We certainly can't control time. And that makes us uncomfortable. Off kilter. Unbalanced. 

Right now, we are all enjoying autumn together. The pumpkins, the cozy throws, the smell of cinnamon and coffee and baked goods rolled into one, the anticipation of winter and the holidays. But then...the new will wear off, and we will start to anticipate spring and warmer weather. And then when the heat of summer rolls around, we will start to anticipate fall once again.

Such is life. You're young, but you want to be older. You get older, but you want to be younger. You're in college, but you long to graduate. You graduate, and then long for carefree days again. You get married, then you want babies. You have babies, you long for alone time again with your husband. You're in law school, and you can't wait to pass the bar and be done. You pass the bar, and then...oh wait, you're still glad to be done with law school. Bad example :)

Enjoy each season as it comes in your life, for it will surely fade away. Sometimes to something better. But there is something unique about every experience you go through. Find it. Experience it. Live it. Love it.

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Soak up the learning and networking opportunities you have while you're in school. Get real life experience before you have real life consequences. Enjoy the have your ENTIRE life ahead of you.

Enjoy time with your husband before the babies come. They will surely change your lifestyle. Enjoy the nights where you cuddle on the couch and then get to sleep for 8 hours straight.

Make it through crazy hours at your very first real job with your greater purpose in mind. What you do now very much affects what you do later. If nothing else, you will have a greater appreciation of your time off.

Enjoy your children when they are little and laugh at the day-to-day. Getting back those moments is surely not akin to putting up the Christmas tree again next year.

Love on your parents and enjoy watching them enter a new season as grandparents.

Enjoy growing older with your husband. The best relationships only get better with age. 

Enjoy the season of life that you are in right now. At the very least, accept it. Work through it with a goal in sight.

Balance foresight with hindsight. The past with the present. The present with the future. 

Be content with what each day holds, for you know what they say...the best is yet to come.

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  1. Hi Casey! I love so much about this post. Really nice job. It reminds me of something I heard today. "We are human beings, not human doings". The message was to spend more time being. Staring at nature, meditating, yoga, etc. I have thought a lot about this today. I need to find a better "balance" between doing and being. :) Have a great week!