Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Day 23} of 31 Days of Balance: Find Support From Others Like You

While I admire the patience and devotion of stay at home moms, it would do me no good to seek support and understanding from them for my own life. Their "balance" looks much different than my own. 

You all have heard me talk about G time and time again. When it comes to support and understanding and "maintaining the sanity," she is a huge part of my own support system. Why? Because we're like each other.  We get what it means to be so exhausted after an Evidence exam that you don't even want to speak because that requires thinking and forming words. She also balances a full time job, law school, and a marriage on a day to day basis. We can relate. She helps me stay balanced. And she tones down the crazy before with empathy and spares Eric a lot of complaining at the end of the day.

Find people who are like you. Support them. Let them support you. Restore the balance. 

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