Monday, October 3, 2011

[Day 3] of 31 Days of Balance: Find Small Comforts

This morning I had a doctor's appointment that I realized was at 8:15 instead of 8:45 at the very last minute. This led to a very frantic rush out the door at 7:45. What made me realize it? Some small little bug in the back of my mind...because I made the same mistake two months ago, going to see this very same doctor. Good thing she's a dermatologist, and I didn't have to take the time to apply makeup beforehand!

The point is that my day didn't start out balanced. That doesn't mean that it can't end balanced. But saying that and actually getting yourself out of that panicked, rushed, frenzy are two very different things. My method of getting myself back to balance often involves changing my mood, and I resort to small comforts. The little things that make me content.  What things do you associate with happy times? Things that bring a deeper breath, a sigh of relief, a moment of quiet?

You don't have to drive up a mountainside to a cabin with a view to obtain this...for me this morning it was simply:

A cup of black coffee from the Chick-Fil-A near my doctor's office...reminds me of Black Friday shopping and the holidays with my Mom and Nana (I think because we would always run in there for a cup before hitting the mall).

Pandora's "Peaceful Holidays" station.

These may sound silly to you, but for me, a good cup of coffee (especially when associated with a good memory) and Christmas music will slow my breathing, and make me focus on happier, less stressed times. 
Pick what works for you. 
A candle, a scent that reminds you of a happy time
A comfy cardigan 
Wear your favorite perfume or piece of jewelry
Call your mom on the way to work
Bring a bottle of your favorite flavored creamer to use at work
New lip gloss
Read a few blog posts
Make a list of fun things to do next weekend
Listen to a favorite song or band
Wear flats instead of heels for the day
Roam around the mall on your lunch break

The list could go on...we all have our own quirks, our own "simple" things that make life a twinge sweeter. What are your small comforts? Find them. Remember them. Do them. Balance the everyday tasks with comfort.

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  1. You're seriously my kind of girl!!! Last week I was experiencing a rough beginning and all of it disappeared with a cup of hot apple cider and christmas music. Sometimes it's all about taking a minute to remember the things you enjoy the most!

    I'm still very new to blogging and making my rounds in the blogging world! So far I'm loving it! I'm a new follower! Hope you stop by!