Friday, June 29, 2012


So, I really need to get back to my normal instagramming.
 You know, like before every photo I took was of my dog. 
This is painfully apparent when I do these recap posts each week. 
And some of these are not even instagrams.

New goals for next week, so keep me on track:
1. Take photos of things other than Pierre.
(Somebody please tell me this is normal with a new baby dog.)
2. Actually upload said photos to Instagram.
3. Steam clean the floors and baseboards in my house.
4. Remember to publish Insta-Friday posts. This has been in draft form for three weeks.

#3 has nothing to do with this post. 
But I could still use someone to keep me on track with that.

Pierre reaffirming his discontent with bathroom trips in the rain.
Surprisingly, I think he understands that his raincoat keeps him dry, and thus he actually enjoys wearing it. 

He is just as adorable in his new life jacket that his Aunt Megan sent him...
but seems to be embarrassed by it still.
I personally love the handle on the back.
Makes me want to carry him around like a little tote bag.

In my mind, these Pilot gas trucks are all filled with coffee.

Pierre's favorite spot to check out the action in the house.

Loves. of. my. life.
In one little square photo. 

Pierre's favorite toy, Mr. Fox, has offically lost his last eye. 
(I deemed this moment significant enough to text this photo to my husband while he was at a business dinner. He probably has a good poker face by now when opening "multimedia messages" from me.)

Being stubborn and laying down in the grass on his walk.
Refuses to stand on his own.
Declares it too hot for him to make it back home.
I had to pick this rascal up and stand him up on his four perfectly able legs no less than three times to get him moving again.

This is Pierre's "please don't leave me again" face when I leave to run in the afternoon. 
Which is one of the main reasons why I prefer to go out in the morning before he wakes up.  

I am ready for fall and burned leftover pumpkin candles from last year already. 
I also listened to Christmas carols while burning said candles.
Sue me.

That's all I got, ladies!
I hope you all have weekends filled with sunny days, rain if you need it, iced coffee, dog beaches, and grilled food.

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  1. found you over at instafriday. that coffee truck pic got me. how heavenly would it be if they were filled with coffee???! love that you are burning fall candles and listening to christmas music. we could be bffs. :)