Monday, June 11, 2012

Recovery Weekend

It was a very low key weekend in the Ferri household this weekend. 
Recovery, if you will, from the last month on the road. 
My friend Erin was nice enough to treat me to a Bon Iver concert on Thursday night.
Awesome friend, huh?
It was every little bit of amazing. 
And Eric hung out at the airport for a bit after his flight so that I could go, and just pick him up afterward. 
At, ahem, 11:30 pm. 
Awesome husband, huh?

It was pourrring on Friday when I got off of work. 
Eric and I ran to Petco to get Pierre some much needed shampoo, and bought him a little raincoat too. 
Necessary for afternoon downpours in FL. 
He is adorable in it. 
We stayed in for our usual "wine and apps" Friday night. 
We had one of our favorites wines.
 Less than $10 at Total Wine. 
Very drinkable. 
Give this one a try. 

 Dinner was comprised of a random assortment of...
Pita bread topped with basil hummus, tomato, red onion, and feta. 
Steamed Edamame. 
White Cranberry Cheddar and Crackers.
Then...we proceeded to completely lose ourselves in The History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys.
 Holy. Goodness.
We missed it the first time around, but luckily it was On Demand, and we watched all three parts this weekend. 
So, so good. 

Saturday started out slow with a jog, homemade breakfast smoothies, and a much, much needed hair trim for me. 
Then, we did a whole lot of nothing. 
Except Eric did make a mean afternoon mojito. 
And I made a pitcher of "summer water" - orange and mint infused.
In other words, our mint plant outside is growing out of control, so we feel the need to use it often.

It was so hot and humid after all of last week's rain that we ended up spending most of the weekend indoors. 
Saturday night's promise of a new recipe turned into grilled turkey burgers and baked garlic-cilantro fries sounding much, much better.

Saturday night was spend with more Hatfields & McCoys, and Sunday was another slow morning before church. 
We finished Hatfields & McCoys over lunch, and then I got some cleaning/laundry done around the house to try to start the week off a bit ahead.

Last night I was trying to put away clothes in our bedroom, and Pierre wanted to be underfoot. 
He isn't allowed in our bedroom, so I was constantly stopping to say, "No, stop, sit, stay..."

My solution?
Move his bed into the foyer of our room. 
He can see me, and I can get things done. 
 Problem solved.
 Little stinker didn't budge, and 10 minutes and a comfy blanket later...

And by the time I got done with laundry for the night...


Eric and I are starting Couch to 5K today.
I totally need a "plan" to be consistent with any type of workout, and Eric is being a good sport.
Plus, it's fun to have something to do together.
Will report back in a few weeks with results/opinions.
I also started Justice Clarence Thomas's autobiography yesterday, and it rocks. Particularly for my "legal" followers out there. 
Pick it up. You will enjoy. 

And, for those of you who are local (or feel like paying me a visit), 
our church is having a huge 4th of July celebration in a few weeks.
With music.
And fireworks.
And over 30 food trucks.
You heard that right...perks of being one of over 10,000 members.

Email me if you want to join us :) All are welcome. 

Hope you all are having a good week so far :)

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  1. Lovely blog :) Your pictures made me smile! And that Costner History Channel program? I'd never seen it but it looks great - need to check it out!