Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Southern - Gameday Attire

So far we've celebrated Southern hair/makeup, and Southern food/beverages.
Today we're moving right along to Gameday Attire in the South.


They say that football in the south is akin to religion...
and that's probably about right.
In South Carolina, right after, "So where are you from?" and "Who are your parents?" comes, "Clemson or Carolina?"
My whole life I have felt like a collegiate football misfit because honestly, "Neither."
I have no family ties to either school, and Eric and I went to Winthrop University, which used to be all women, and therefore has no football team. 
Eric's younger brother, Kevin, is attending Clemson in the fall so we might finally have a team connection!
A primary goal of ours is for our children to attend big football schools.
Just kidding.
Except not entirely.
Our "family team" is an NFL team - The Pittsburgh Steelers, as Eric's entire family is originally from Pittsburgh. 

we also thoroughly enjoy collegiate football in the fall. 
(We thoroughly enjoy any kind of football, truth be told.)
Ahhh nothing thrills my soul more than a crisp fall day,tailgating, and a good football game.

With most things in the South, Southern girls either do it big, or go home.
Football is no exception.
First essential, ladies:


Pinned Image
Don't show up without them.
A necklace, a bracelet, earrings, or multiples of each...
it makes no difference.
But thou must wear pearls to a Southern collegiate football event.

Pearl Stud Earrings, Freshwater Cultered Cream Pearl,, Large Pearl Stud, 14K gold filled

Want practicality that still makes a statement?
These Ralph Lauren oversized pearl studs are my favorites, 
and you can pick them up at Macy's
Above is a similar pair from an Etsy seller - only $22.

Once you have the one required essential down, there are a variety of options for attire.
But the rumors you've heard are true...
there's nothing casual about game day attire in the south.

We like dresses.
We like heels.
We like pearls.
We like lipstick.
And we like all of the above, even at football games. 

 Now, if you have a religious team affiliation already,
then you probably know exactly where to find all of the cute custom outfits such as:

 here, here, and here

Heck, you probably even deck your littles out.

here and here

But for those of you without a team affiliation who might be invited to games with friends,
you probably don't want to spend a ton on a team-specific outfit for just one day.'s how to shop your closet and get yourself up to speed for a Southern game day.

1) Grab your basics.
Nice jeans and a white top, or a comfy little black dress. You need a good, solid piece to build on. 
If one of your team's colors are black or white, you're in luck.
Yes, jeans are fine as long as you dress them up a bit. 

2) Build with accessories and layers.
Going to a Clemson game? I added a purple cardi and orangeish bubble necklace to a basic white top, jeans, and wedges.
Going to a UGA game? I added a red skinny belt, black wedges (btw, I just bought these on sale at Target last week for $17), and pearls to an otherwise basic black dress (that I bet you all have in your closet).

3) Add your pearls. 
And add more pearls.
Oh, and just one more strand of pearls.

As for our men,
we like 'em in khakis, button downs, polos, button downs, and loafers.
(Not all together, of course.)

Sometimes they go all out...


 But for most, a button down in team colors will do, 
with khaki shorts or pants,
and a nice pair of loafers.

here and here 
(Eric has these shoes, and I adore them.)

Got it ladies?
Just remember the cardinal rule - don't forget your pearls.
Think we're high maintenance and prissy?
I suppose we never claimed not to be :)


  1. This post is so cute/true! Although raised up north I went to college down in North Carolina - ECU. Every game was purple and gold galore, paired with as many pearls as you could wear.

    When I would come back home to Maryland for breaks all my friends would ask me why I always wore pearls, and I said its because I just came from the south and this is what we do there!! :)

  2. The true way to tell a real Southerner from anything else is the pearls. This is why I will never blend in 100% here in the south or get my Southern Belle pledge pin. I am not a fan of pearls. I LOVE how they look on other people, and I think every Southern girl looks amazing in them. They just aren't me. I've even tried to get on the train with the chocolate pearls, can't do it. I've worn pearls once in my life, for wedding as a bridesmaid and I haven't worn them since. Maybe in a few years I"ll change my mind.

    You are right though - pearls give a touch of class and dress up ANYTHING!!! :)

    P.S. LOVED that you included the kiddos! SO many cute cute outfits are made for game day for little ones!

  3. Can't believe I forgot to say it... GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  4. My husband's best friend is a Steelers fan and you guys are hard core!! :) I even see a lot of Steeler fans in the DC area. And babies in gameday attire make me swoon. I can't wait to dress a little one in UT orange!!

  5. Oh my gosh... this post is seriously kind of funny to me!!! But in all seriousness, we are a Steelers household too! My husband's family is all from, and still in, the Pittsburgh area. As for college football, we are Norte Dame fans. And I am a Methodist! I can maybe pull off the Southern Girl thing. But I laugh because I cannot imagine any one wearing heels to a football game! My husband would kill me! We are just a bit casual out where I am. But I suppose any event is a reason to get dressed up, right? =)

  6. Clemson would definitely love to have you as a fan!! Nothing else is like a gameday there :)

  7. So I love this post for a silly reason. My husband has been looking for new shoes so I was excited that you posted the link to the ones your husband sports. haha

  8. I hope my husband never finds those pants with the clemson paws on them, or they will end up in our closet!

  9. ok i so want to live in the south because of all the traditions and culture you have and I need to experience the big time rivalry between the major schools. Seriously out here it is nothing like what it is there!

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