Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Southern - Hair & Makeup

Leslie is hosting the above linkup all week long - with a different Southern topic each day. Seeing how I believe anything Southern is worth celebrating, I'll be joining in on the fun this week.
 Hope y'all enjoy a little trip south of the Mason-Dixon line...
Try to overlook the humidity :)

First up for discussion (as with any group of Southern Belles):
Hair & Makeup.

We liked our hair big before the 80's arrived.
We liked our hair big when the 80's were gone.
We still like our hair big. 

It's partly a spiritual thing...
the higher the hair, the closer to God. 

Bachelorette Emily Maynard has been rockin' the perfect amount of Southern volume for everyday wear lately, IMHO.
This look is normally achieved with a good blow out and some handy work with a large barrel curling iron. My tool of choice:

The Hot Tools 1.5 inch barrel.
 A little teasing at the crown, a little tousling, a little hairspray...
and you have the perfect Southern locks.

Ah, and now that I mention the teasing. 
We love a good poof. 
Hair down? Teasing at the roots and on the sides.
Half-up? A poof at the crown.
Pony tail? Make that a poofy ponytail. 
Bad hair day and cute scarf to disguise? Poof it first to give that scarf something to latch onto.
55+ with a shorter 'do? Still poofin it. (Just ask Nana.)

From left to right, here we go ladies: 
1) For everyday hold, this Southern girl swears by Tresemme, Level Four. Not too stiff, not too sticky, but it holds.

2)When you don't want it to move - Freeze It. 
Cheap, and available even at a Walmart near you. 

Freeze It lasted me through my pageant days, right through the very end of my wedding day (which included an outdoor ceremony on the beach, a sailboat ride to my reception, and an outdoor reception on the water - with wind) without a hair out of place.

3) Teasing Brush.
I use this when I wear my hair down, for soft volume at the crown and on the sides.
(see pageant photo above.)

4) Teasing Comb.
I use this when I wear my hair up...
when I need a tighter "lock" and hold. 
I use the pick end once my hair is up to gently pull up and out, 
making the poof just a bit higher.

Now on to the makeup and skincare...

First, cleanse, moisturize, and stay out of the sun.
I feel like this is a gimme no matter where you live, but us Southern girls were taught from an early age the importance of skincare.
And it must work, because my Nana has the most beautiful skin of anyone I know. 
I swear she looks 10 years younger than what she really is. 

I know, gorgie right? Lord, if only I can manage to look this good when I have a twenty-five year old grandchild.

I swear by Cetaphil (or Walmart/Target generic) because it's gentle enough for morning and night use without drying out my skin.

My Nana swears by sunscreen and Estee Lauder skincare (from cleansing, to moisturizing, to makeup), but I can't drop $80 on a jar of moisturizer. I just can't do it folks.

 I do, however, load on the sunscreen when I'm outdoors, and monogrammed hats make it a lot more fun to protect my face and neck.

Second, a good foundation and powder.

See above re: Southern humidity.

If I need an all day hold, I go to my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, and Double Matte Powder.
If I'm just out and about during the summer, or if I know I'll be in the AC all day, I sometimes go for lighter, mineral based powders. 
I've heard so much hype about the elf makeup line that I decided to give it a whirl and have a large order arriving on Wednesday.
I'll let you know how it holds up...
but I'm not giving up my Estee Lauder when I need full coverage that lasts. 

And third, "Girl, get some color on your face!"

Blush and lipstick.
Or "rouge" and "lipstain" as some of you might have heard your grandmothers say in the South.

Nana's favorite (the ultimate Southern Belle), and my fall favorite:

Revlon "Wine with Everything"
It's a little more warm mauve than cool pink, so I love it for autumn. 
My Nana wears year round.  

When I wear blush in the spring and summer months (sometimes I just opt for a bronzer), I go for:

Maybelline Dream Mousse
I have no idea what color I wear. 
But it's a warm pink.

I like it because you have total control over the amount of color and blending since you apply with your fingers.
With that being said...set it with a loose powder, or it can get shiny in the (let's say it together now) hu-mid-it-y.

And as any good Southern Belle learned from Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, when in a pinch, just pinch your cheeks for an instant rosy glow.

As for lipsticks, 
it varies depending on what I'm wearing. 
But always a lipstick.
I am not a "just lipgloss" kind of girl, although sometimes I finish with gloss.

When I really need a little pep in my high-heeled step, I go for a bold red.
Like last Friday when I told my boss I'm leaving our firm in two weeks.
Oh, I failed to mention that?
Secret's out! More details to come :) 

My fav?
Revlon (ironically also named) "Wine With Everything"
Also my motto for with everything.
(Just kidding, Nana.) 

Now, if you've stuck with me this long, you probably need a quick little Southern recap.
Let us commence.

Southern Hair:
Essential 1: Large Barrel Curling Iron.
 Essential 2: Tease/Poof Tools.  
Essential 3: A good hairspray.

Southern Makeup:
Essential 1: Sunscreen/Cleanser/Moisturizer.
Essential 2: Full coverage foundation/powder.
Essential 3: Color for your cheeks and lips.

Go forth and be Belles. 

Want more details on any of my favs or my methods? Email me :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by! And how in the world did I not post about Emily Maynard? She is the ultimate southern belle and I just love, love her. And the monogrammed hat is adorbs. Funny we both mentioned lipstick/blush for color on your face....same thing my Mom says!! ah, I love the south. :)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! See, I was right. Bigger the hair, closer to God! I knew I heard that! I love all these tips. I need to get me one of those tease brushes. I have the rat tail comb but I think the brush will come in handy for me too. I also LOVE the blush pots especially the brand you showed. I have had the hardest time getting the plum color I need though. I've looked all over and they are always sold out. I think it's the most universal color, much like that Wine with Everything from Revlon.

    Keep us posted on the Elf cosmetics. I just purchased some Rimmel stuff the other day - I had a lot of make-up to buy on a tight budget. I hate when everything is empty at the same time. I won't bargain shop for mascara, or eyeliner but I can usually get away with blush/powder and bronzer for cheap! Can't wait to read more!

  3. I seriously LOVE and adore every single thing about this post, girl! I wish we lived closer cause I know we'd be friends :) I've been reading Leslie's blog for more than a year and loved the idea of this link up! I might join later this week!

    Love it :)

  4. Ohhhhh! I want a poof! I hve the straightest, flattest hair ever. I would be an awful Southern girl. I am always jealous of Emily Maynard's and Carrie Underwood's hair!

  5. Found you through the link up! I absolutely love your wedding hair. So gorgeous and perfect for a Southern Belle

  6. Stopping over from Leslie's blog...

    I LOVE how all of us went to Carrie Underwood as a style inspiration! I cannot believe I didn't think of Emily - love, love, loe her!

  7. Love your blog! So much fabulous style advice-- I'll be checking back often!


    Ali from SF Blonde

  8. Very cute blog! I definitely need to get myself a teasing brush!

  9. great beauty tips! and yes Emily has been rocking it, she is beautiful!!


  10. Umm is that a MAOT crown? I see pink stones... what was your talent? Love me some poof, now just need to get my hair long again!

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