Monday, September 24, 2012

Amy's Bach Weekend

I mentioned before that my BFF Amy got married a few weekends ago!  Any excuse is a good excuse to see her, but I am so glad that I was able to spend two FULL weekends with her celebrating - one in Charleston for her bachelorette weekend, and the other for her wedding.

I met Amy and her husband, Josh, in college.  In fact, Josh and I were friends before I ever knew Amy (he originally thought that we could never be friends because I was too prissy...shocking, I know). And then Amy and I became friends before she and Josh started dating. Everybody following me here? ha.  

Anywho, they are a match made in heaven.  Weddings are so special when you're friends with both the bride and the groom. Eric and I are so, so happy for them. 

Gorgeous, right? Stolen from Amy's Facebook.
 A note before we get going here...any photograph that looks like it was professionally taken probably was, even if it's not watermarked. Like the photo above. And I want to give credit where credit is due to Amy's sweet photographer, Micah

So, going back a few weeks...we spent a weekend in Charleston for Amy's bachelorette festivities.  Friday night, we spent in typical fashion - hanging around a hotel room, eating yummy food, fixing each other's hair (no lie, so "slumber party like") and letting Amy open her presents! In lieu of a lingerie shower, we had a "date night" shower, and everyone brought a different gift for a date night for Amy and Josh! Our gifts ranged from a movie night basket to Brad Paisley tickets! If there is anyone who loves fall more than me, it's Amy - so I put together a pumpkin carving date night gift for her! I included pumpkin carving tools, pumpkin beer, a pumpkin candle, $5 cash to "BYO Pumpkin," and even dried pumpkin dog treats for their dog, Eli.  

Amy, in her perfect sock bun glory.

At the end of the night, we heard noise outside the window and spent 10 minutes in this position, in silence, watching a fantastic fireworks show that someone was putting on!  Fascinating, clearly. We tried to convince Amy that we ordered them especially for her, but she wasn't buying it.

On Saturday, I got up all alone and went to finish my Couch to 5K! I know, I know, it was bach weekend, but you know that my "Type A-ness" won't allow getting off schedule! It felt good to "finish," and then we spent the day shopping and perusing the market and then went out to dinner that night at Southend Brewery. Both the beer and the food were delish. I took advantage of being back in the true South for a weekend and ordered the shrimp and grits. 

The whole group! Thanks Keri for posting the photo!
 After, we heading out for a few more drinks and some dancing. Don't worry, nothing outrageous happened. Except at some point, there was a unicorn balloon with us on the dance floor, and right before we called it a night, we came across a creeper in a club who just could not take no for an answer. Standard issue. 

I actually was a pretty bad blogger, but the poor quality of my above photos at least prove that I was having fun dancing! Stay tuned for a recap of Amy and Josh' gorgeous wedding!


  1. yes i totally agree that weddings are much more fun when you know both the bride and groom and when people ask who do you know you get to say BOTH!! i love the dress you wore and congrats to your friends on their wedding