Friday, October 12, 2012


We ran a 5K a few weeks back with the G's. I ran with Bronchitis. It was a ridiculously small race. Ridiculously small as in, I came in first place in my age group. With Bronchitis. Let us all chuckle together now.

G and I also have decided to start celebrating the anniversary of our friendship (too far?), which began with a post-class glass of wine and extended political discussion during our very first semester of law school. This year, we went to a "sketch and sip." Which, ironically, also included bonding over wine...and political discussion. We are creatures of habit.

I bought Pierre a really cute trick-or-treat shirt to wear when handing out candy on Halloween. And by cute, I mean "so tacky, it's kinda cute." Primarily because I couldn't come up with a costume that struck my fancy for him this year. I still have over 2 weeks. I'll see what I can do.

He also went for his interview at Camp Bow Wow. You know, so he has a hotel lined up just-in-case Eric and I he needs a vacay, or an afternoon of daycare if Mama has to be gone all day. He got a perfect report card...he is truly our child. And yes, it is on our refrigerator. Pierre also met a new basset friend at daycare named Davis, and they were inseparable apparently- how cute is that name? Isn't it funny how even dogs seek out others "like" them to play with?

I mailed in my application to the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners. With a check. Gulp. We pulled the trigger, and I'm taking the North Carolina Bar in February. Time to make a move for no other reason than it just makes us plain happy. Seasons, and family...oh, and seasons.

Decorated the house for fall, and bought a pumpkin with a long stem and vine attached. I like the vine most because it's curly. The little things, the little things. There was a better photo of Pierre where he was looking at the camera, but you could see down my shirt in it. So. That one had to go.

We went to visit Eric's grandparents last weekend and had dinner with them. I adore them.  And I made my first homemade pumpkin pie of the season, per Gram's request. I'm still not sure if she requested it more for her, or for me, because she knew I was probably itching to bake something with pumpkin by this point in the year.

I have been a busy little bee at my Clinic...getting lots of exposure to a lot of different issues and getting a lot of practical experience. Both good things.  I went to a training on Medicare/Medicaid changes coming up today (and met another basset mom...we're like a little cult), and the Special Needs Trusts Conference is next week. SNT is huge. Huge. Elder Law attorneys from all over the country. Which means I will be walking around with my right hand extended and a smile at all times. 

Recently, I've been burning this candle. I love it. It smells peppery and smokey and fall mixed with cologne. Yum.  Eric doesn't understand why we have 17 candles all half burned in the house - because you don't have to finish one before you start a new one, that's why. It's not a rule. It's all about what mood you're in, duh. I informed him that he gets to make a whole lot of decisions in this house...but not about what candles are burned and when. No sir. Hold the commentary and inhale.

And right now, we are sitting on the couch, drinking red wine, eating 4 year aged cheddar, and watching the vice presidential debate on DVR. Wild Friday night. Pierre just got out of time-out for swiping 4 pieces of aforementioned $11 block of cheddar. He says it was worth it; he'd do it again. I believe him.

Tomorrow, Eric is playing golf, and Pierre and I are going on a little date together. I'm thinking dog park, Starbucks for an iced coffee/puppocino, and Petco for a new treat from the $1 bin.

It's gonna be a good weekend. Hope yours is the same!


  1. Ya for taking the big step and registering for the bar exam. I know you will do just fine. And love the shirt, Chloe has one that says Devil Dog, its ever-fitting,

  2. North Carolina means closer to Floyd and he is all for it!! Floyd has been known to be in time out as well (glad we aren't the only ones) and is 99% of the time for swiping things he isn't supposed to. They are so sneakily long!!

  3. I'm a tad bit late, but you are a champ for running while being sick. Ok, so you're a champ for running at all. Pierre could not be any cuter ... and I am loving that picture of you two together! I have got to get more pics of Sherm and I. I think I have two. Bad mom.

  4. LOTS Of things here:
    1. P, was definitely meant to be with you and Eric, was he not?
    2. I feel like I need to post a picture of my Basset too, Otis ;) STOP laughing at his Andy Griffith name {of course my dad would name him after the town drunk, GOD love it}
    3. YEAH, YOU for the 5k!
    4. Why are you NICE, gorgeous, intellectual, and TINY? If my heart was SO ugly, I would not like you AT ALL.


  5. ALSO, thank you for joining in on my blogger bible study, Case! We need to pray about this - ME? leading a bible study. Kneel, NOW! hahahaha