Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anniversary in the Provence

We spent our second and third days in France village hopping around the Provence region, from market day in Gordes, to Roussillon, to Manerbes and Lacoste, to Loumarin, to Bonnieux, to Apt, to Saignon....and then back for some garden time with Toby and sparkling wine before heading to dinner.

On our morning walk into Gordes


Path to the Chateau Lacoste

Eric at the top of the Chateau in Lacoste, overlooking the valley
Abbaye de Senanque in Gordes - imagine it when the lavender fields are in bloom in June!

Eric and Toby in the garden at Mas Galinelle

Our third wedding anniversary was on Wednesday, the 24th, and hopping around these small villages was the perfect way to spend it. We had 5 euro (total) sandwiches from a boulangerie for lunch, and then a ridiculously nice dinner at Le Clos de Gustave in Gordes, and both were phenomenal - the perfect mix while traveling in Europe.

Happy Anniversary to us, from the best B&B owner ever.

Amazing color in Rousillon

Wandering with the remains of a fresh squeezed OJ and an eye out for antiques

View from our picnic lunch on our anniversary in Loumarin

Castle exploring in Loumarin

Most of the roads that we traveled were extremely narrow - as in, the size of one lane in America. But for two cars.  You get the picture...

Add in mountains, and you're sure to have an entertaining drive. I wish the photos did the size of these roads justice. There was a lot of cringing and gasping on my part going around curves, but Eric was a champion driver...I'm glad I was not responsible for that aspect of the trip (so was he).  I was, however, responsible for map reading, and I'm proud to say that we only got semi-lost once!

Last stop of the day in Bonnieux
I really should do an entire post just on our meals in the different villages. If there's one thing we don't skimp on when we travel, it's food.  The food reflects so much of the culture of each region - it's almost entertainment for us to go to dinner.  The Provence region of France is very big on "farm to table," so most restaurants don't even have menus available, as they change every day based on what is fresh and in season.  

Lamb Shank at Le P'tite Cocotte

Sea Bass with a broccoli pesto puree

Puff Pastry with Snails

Beef Stew

Sea Bass at Le Loup Blanc

We drove to Nice, France this afternoon and are enjoying some time on the Mediterranean Sea! I wasn't sure what I was going to think of this city (it's larger, and I anticipated it being a bit too "posh"), but it is just lovely. Plus, I'm in love with our little hotel room, Le Petit Trianon, with it's provencal/minimalist decor and it's little balcony over the square.

You can't really tell in the photo because of the bright lighting, but the sea is just over the top of those trees at the end of our street.

 Several of you have emailed me with travel questions about upcoming trips you are planning - I got them, don't worry! I want to wait to reply to you when I get home and have time to give you a complete answer that will actually be practical and helpful to you. And if you have more - let me know! Always happy to help if I can.

I'm sure there is plenty that I've left out, but I'm off to get a good night's sleep before market in the morning. Will be back with more tomorrow from Nice!

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  1. This is amazing!! I studied abroad in Provence (aix-en-provence) in college and this makes me miss it so much!!

    Have a blast and in Nice go have lunch at one of the restaurants around the marina where you can sit outside, you can walk down the promenade d'anglais, just have to walk all the way around the mountain, i believe!