Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Happenings

I don't feel like I actually did all that much this weekend, but it still seemed to fly by. I think it was just composed of a lot of odds and ends.

I started out by spending the day with Amy in Columbia on Thursday for some much needed girl time. We had lunch at the cutest little place, browsed some boutiques, and then walked aimlessly around Target for at least an hour. Just what the doctor ordered.

I ended up picking up this top in black (on sale in store)...

Seriously, the only peplum top I have ever tried on that didn't look utterly ridiculous on me.

 and Method's Tomato Vine countertop cleaner. I want to clean my countertops at least 4 times a day now.

Friday morning, Eric and I had all intentions of going to the DMV to get new NC licenses.  Eric even cleared his calendar for the morning in preparation last week. But then we didn't. Because we like to avoid the inevitable, apparently.

I got a run in and then met my friend from college, Laine, for lunch on Friday at this cute little place called The Terrace Cafe. Their fruit salad was fantastic, and the weather was absolutely perfect for sitting outside. Have I mentioned how much I like living somewhere where I know lots of people in the area again?

I have rediscovered the library since we moved because there is one just around the corner. It's sort of a rekindled obsession. You just can't beat the feel of a good book in your hand, no matter how convenient my Kindle may be. I spent a good 45 minutes roaming around alone (heavenly), and left with 6 books and the Food, Inc. DVD, which I'm slightly afraid to watch because I'm afraid it will make me never want to eat meat again. And I like meat. 

I've been needing to change up my skincare routine and makeup for a while. I thought my skin was just going through a psycho phase while I was under a lot of stress.  But really, I think it's changing as I get older, and I wasn't using the right products that worked for the "new" anymore. I've been harassing taking advice from Kait about some of her favorite products (she should be getting paid for this), so then I "stopped by" Ulta. An hour and a half later, I left with a couple of old favorites, new brushes, and the following new (to me) products:

I feel like I can't really do a full review of the skincare until I've used it for a while longer, but I do like all of the Purity products so far. The Resurfacing Peel made my skin SO smooth, and I swear it glows.  Eric was skeptical, but even he was impressed and agreed on Sunday morning that my skin looked smoother and more even.  I LOVE the Pur makeup line so far - matte finish, long-lasting, and no shine. I didn't seem to need a powder over the 4-in-1 foundation, but I may pick up one just to keep in my purse on the go.

Eric and I finally watched Argo on Saturday night, and we thought it was awesome. Highly recommended, and kept us on the edge of our seats.

Saturday, I spent the day with my mom, nana, and aunt, who came up to visit.  Pierre pulled a bag of coffee down off the table while we were out, ripped it open, and spread coffee grounds from one end of the apartment to the other. You know, just to be a jerk because we left without taking him.  Eric wasn't pleased to find the mess when we got home, but our house still faintly smells of coffee two days later. Which isn't entirely a bad thing.

Saturday night, Eric and I went back to our alma mater for the 20th anniversary celebration of his fraternity (Kappa Sigma, for inquiring minds). It's always great to be back on campus, and we loved, loved, loved getting to catch up with old friends, some of whom we haven't seen in a few years.

Are you SURE I've already mentioned how much we love being back in this area?

A handful of KS wives in attendance...snagged off Facebook

KS alumni and current brothers in attendance...snagged off Instagram

Afterward, no one was really ready for the night to end, so we went to one of the shadiest college hangout bars ever.  For example, the following actually happened at the bar:

Our friend, Rob: "I'd like a gin and tonic...what kind of gin do you have?"
(bartender brings a bottle over)
Rob: ".....that's scotch."

I entered the bar at 10:30 pm with a cup of coffee in my hand. (I mean, Winthrop is big time and has a Starbucks on campus now.) Not a single person we knew was surprised, and if you know me well, you probably aren't either.  However, I did get a strange look from some bikers who walked in wondering what all the guys in bowties were doing at their regular hangout.  Listen people, judge away, but: A) I was cold. B) I needed some energy if I was going to keep going for a few more hours.

Me and one of my college BFF's, Kyle, sober as usual, and gearing ourselves up for the shenanigans about to ensue.

Sunday was a supppper slow day that started off with the dog park and homemade pancakes.  We tinkered around all day, and then made Tikka Masala for dinner, followed by our attempt to watch Lincoln.  It was a bit slow for us, and we were tired, so we ended up turning it off halfway through and going to bed. Whoopsie.  However, I wouldn't write it off yet - it seemed pretty good and historically accurate - we just weren't in the mood for that type of movie.

This turned into a super long post to tell you that we didn't do anything of major significance this weekend. I hope yours was lovely! And if you've used any of the above products I talked about....please do tell!  Happy Monday :)


  1. YAY YAY YAY! It sounds like you had such a fab weekend! I saw those tops at Target but I was afraid to try them on because every single time I go for something turns out an Oompa Loompa stares me back in the mirror. Weird how that happens. Any whoodle, I'm so so happy you are liking your products so far! That peel is amazing, not kidding!

  2. Ok--so ignore my comment about the library on that book because clearly you've been to the library! I feel like my skin is a mess right now, and I've got the most hideous brown spot on my face that makes me feel like I'm 35. Glad you guys have friends in the area again! Such a good thing! And the coffee grounds....Walter LOVES coffee beans. He'll howl at us when we grind them at night to get some, so I can't say he'd be less likely to pull the grounds down. Maybe Pierre just got tired of being tired? ;) Oh, and we watched Forks Over Knives and went a good month before eating meat again. I'm happy to report that I still eat meat now, but way less! And, I'm pickier about brands/where it's from. Food Inc. is on our list too!

  3. I love your dress and I'm totally going to need to stop by Target and try out that kitchen spray. I am a sucker for amazing smelling cleaning supplies. Helps my OCD...ha! And I'm glad you are loving the Purity products (and thanks for the mention!). I have used them for almost a month now and am still loving them :) And oh Pierre, he was just trying to make your place smell like a coffee shop. I think he had good intentions :)

  4. Glad you had a glorious weekend!

    Thank you for the sweet comment :) I love taking rodeo photos. Usually I take my camera, but since I was planning on drinking beer I decided my iPhone would have to do :) Now I can't wait for the next rodeo!

  5. Love your style, girl :)
    That necklace - so cute!


  6. You just look so cute and I am the person with coffee in the bar too... oh getting old! glad you are settled and back with friends!