Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Basset Birthday Weekend

Thank you ALL so much for Pierre's birthday wishes on Friday - here, on Facebook, and on Instagram! And a special thank you to Pierre's Aunt Sarah and BBFF (Basset BFF), Floyd, for the most adorable birthday package ever...

Sarah made Pierre a whole bag of peanut butter (dog) cookies - and with a BASSET cookie cutter!!! And a tie, to enhance his natural beauty handsomeness. Be still my heart. Sarah made Floyd a tie a while back, when I was studying for the bar, and I told her she had to teach me how to sew when I was done. Well apparently, she thinks teaching me to sew is a lost cause because she just made Pierre a tie. Just kidding :)  Isn't that the sweetest?!? Started his birthday weekend off on the right paw.

We took Pierre out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom on Friday night...i.e. he got a bone and got to people watch while we ate.  While observing other families around us, Eric and I discussed how much easier it is to take a dog out to dinner than a toddler.

Saturday, Eric and I went for a hike at Crowder's Mountain in the morning, and found the best Carolina BBQ at Mac's Speed Shop on the way home - conveniently located across the street from the Canine Cafe, where we stopped to pick up a birthday cake for P.

The collard greens were phenomenal.

Sunday, Pierre sported his new tie to his birthday party.  We celebrated with family since everyone was already together for Mother's Day. The peanut butter cake was a hit...don't be misled, the cake is on a plate the size of a saucer. We still have a few pieces left for P to enjoy this week :)

On a very sad note, I received news this morning that one of my law school friends and classmates passed away on Sunday. She was very young, and had three very small children. If you're taking prayer requests, please add her sweet husband and family to your list this week. I know that there are reasons for things that are beyond my knowledge, but I'm just sick over it this morning. She should have been graduating this weekend.

On that note, I hope you're taking the time to enjoy the little things in life this week. Life is way, way too short.


  1. Looks like Pierre had a great birthday! I love that you guys got him a cake! And, I'm sorry to hear about your classmate. That's terrible news.

  2. So glad P had such a great birthday weekend!

    So sorry to hear about your friend, praying for everyone.

  3. Pierre looks awesome in his tie...very handsome! It would not be easy to take Abby out to a restaurant, seeing as she is a food thief, so a toddler might be easier in my case...ha! And so sorry to hear about your classmate. I'll keep everyone in my prayers :)

  4. Ok lady, I live like a mile from Macs & the Canine Cafe! We are planning a date soon (no, seriously). Maybe lunch next Sunday (6/9)!