Monday, June 3, 2013

Current Events

In all seriousness, if I was blogging every single day right now, I would bore you all to tears.  Eric has been working from home for the past few weeks, which has been really, really, really nice, and we're keeping things as low key as possible around these parts.

My days consist of two cups of coffee in the morning, assorted bits of productivity, a run, pool time, cooking a fun dinner, maybe some dog park time, and then family couch time (Pierre's favorite part of the day by far). Wash, rinse, repeat.

And, although I wasn't intentionally trying to be sneaky, I celebrated a birthday on Memorial Day last week. Posting about it got lost somewhere in the holiday weekend shuffle, but it was lovely, and I surely appreciate all of your well wishes!

This past weekend, Eric and I flew back to Florida for our friend's wedding.  Lucia works with Eric at KPMG, and I adore her. She has the best personality and sense of humor, and it totally showed in all of her wedding events - love it when that happens.  The rainy weather this weekend ended up pushing us off the beach for the ceremony (argggghhh), but everything was SO beautiful inside, that I don't know that it could have been a bit prettier outside anyway.  The lighting inside was spot on, and the gloomy weather made everything seem to glow - it was gorgeous, as was the bride. Perfect simplicity.

Lucia's centerpieces were absolutely the prettiest I've ever seen at a wedding - the photo really doesn't do them justice.  The reception was so much fun, and as yet another indicator of the bride's personality, there was an after-party, complete with DJ and giant sub sandwich, until 2 am. I'm proud to say that Eric and I actually stayed (and danced, at that) until 2 am...although for the last 2 hours, I did nothing but chug water.  My responsible self thanked me the next morning when I did NOT actually wake up feeling like death.

Although it was cloudy most of the time we were there, the actual rain seemed to only come in 20 minute spurts (typical Florida fashion), so we got plenty of time out on the beach.  Sunday ended up being gorgeous, and we were glad to have an extra full day with friends since our flight didn't leave until around 8 that night.

Eric and his work bestie, Ryan - who just so happens to be single, successful, and currently residing in the Chicago area.  Any takers? He's a catch, ladies. I give my personal stamp of approval.

Eric and I found the BEST place for breakfast on Sunday morning called Crepe Cafe that served fresh, homemade crepes. Seriously, best we have had outside of Paris. Not even lying.  If you are ever in the Ft. Lauderdale or Deerfield Beach area, I suggest popping in. I tell you this for no other reason than I love sharing good food and helping out small businesses - it was fantastic.

We also ate at a place near Ft. Lauderdale called BurgerFi this weekend, which was equally as good.  The burgers and fries beat out Five Guys in my book.  Fortunately for you, this place has MULTIPLE locations throughout the country.  Eric got the "Breakfast All Day" burger, which had bacon, eggs, maple syrup, and hashbrowns on it. I just got a Classic (this is my way of testing out all burger joints on an even playing field), but Eric's was out. of. this. world.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that today, I'll be adjusting my previously mentioned daily schedule to include at least FOUR runs. Worth it.

For those of you who are more interested in Pierre's whereabouts (and that would be MANY of you, I'm sure), we picked him up from Camp Bow Wow this morning.  He had a fantastic weekend, and after a bath, is napping the day away.  It will probably take him a full week to recover.  But....he needs to get his energy back by Thursday night because he has been enrolled in "Behavior Buddies" Level 1 Obedience Training classes at Camp Bow Wow. We're hoping to improve his, ahem, listening skills.

Our only fear is that the trainer will call us as soon as she sees "basset hound" on his application and tell us that training is impossible for this breed. Ha!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad Eric has been home more!! And happy belated birthday! Please pass on any wisdom you get from this training. I know a certain beagle who has no listening skills! I saw a cute little basset that had coloring similar to Pierre's and thought of you guys.

  2. Good luck with listening skills with a basset! We have been working forever with sophie, and to no avail! Stubborn, but sooo cute! Tell your man friend I live in Chicago with many a single girlfriend (too bad i'm not, he's hot!)

  3. LOVE your dress from the wedding.

    And I am off to look up this class. We have some, um, listening, issues as well.

  4. Oh my gosh! You and Eric are so positively adorable, I just love it! I am obsessed with that dress you wore! I'm also obsessed with Pierre's "I'm here to party" face, but what else is new? I cannot wait to hear about how his obedience training goes. Step 1. You are not the boss, Pierre.

  5. Happy belated birthday! Glad Pierre had such a wonderful time at Camp Bow Wow. When I saw that pic on Instagram earlier today I cracked up laughing. Apparently beagles have a hard time listening also, unless there is a treat involved. Abby will do anything for food!

  6. Umm how cute is Pierre? And wow that wedding looks amazing as do you chica!! YOu have the post bar glow.

  7. Happy belated birthday my love!! And that wedding...all sorts of gorgeous. I just love weddings. I'd get married every year if I could. And if I had endless amounts of money.

    I'm with ya on the blogging front. My life has been pretty low key = boring blog material.

    Glad all is well!!

  8. happy belated birthday! camp bow wow sounds so cute! i'm interested to hear how the training goes! we did petsmart intermediate training and i felt like the trainer would be like "that's great for a hound" a lot. ;) i'm thinking we might need to continue hen's education as well!

  9. What a beautiful wedding! I love the centerpieces.

    Happy late birthday!