Monday, July 22, 2013


The past few weeks have flown by. In a where-did-the-day-go, and very rainy sort of way.

Very. Very. Rainy.

And partly because we have been a lot busier than I let on here. We have a few things to fill you in on within the next week or so, but for now, just a few highlights.

For starters, Pierre graduated from Behavior Buddies at Camp Bow Wow! As you might imagine, we're very proud parents. He has mastered "watch me," "leave it," "stay," "sit," leash walking, and sitting for petting.

He flat out refuses to lay down.

And, because he is a Basset, we're still working on coming when called, and wait. It's the "when called" part that seems to give him the most trouble. #stubborn.

We made these treats to take to his fellow classmates, and they were such a huge hit at our house.  They smell just like cheese biscuits, so you'll have to resist the urge to eat them yourself.

Second, I've had two fun blates the past couple of weeks!  We didn't take photos at either, so I'm not sure what that says about us as bloggers.

Eric and I met Emily (LaForce Be With You) and her husband, also Eric, for dinner at 300 East in Dilworth last Friday night.  Both the food and the company were fantastic. Plus, Emily and Eric recently took a big vacation that included a visit to Germany, so we were super interested to chat with them about that.  We just booked another trip for next year that includes hopping around to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France, so it was fun to pick their brain on favorite places.


Then, I met Alexa (Southern Living Our Way) for coffee the next morning, thanks to my super blog friend matchmaker, Sarah. I think Alexa and I might have known each other in another lifetime.  When we finally left, I looked at the clock in my car and realized we had been sitting in Starbucks for two and a half hours.  Plus, Alexa lives really close to us, and shops at the Trader Joe's in my neighborhood. Double Score. As you can tell, we had a really hard time finding things to talk about (smile).

The rest of our days have consisted of antique shopping...

@ Sleepy Poet Antique Mall here

@ The Bees Knees here

 and taking photos with our dog.

"They live such exciting lives, and I would love to be their friend!!" I just KNOW that's what you were thinking.

In actuality, I just need to get better about documenting the day-to-day in addition to snapping photos of our chunky-pawed furchild.

The rain paused long enough this weekend for us to make it to the Whitewater Center yesterday.  You cannot even comprehend how far out of my comfort zone that entire facility is.  But Eric loves the place, and we have season passes, so I am giving it my honest effort. And, I do end up having fun.

Photo Credit

I tried THREE new activities yesterday, which included two more zip lines, and a high ropes course (the "beginner" one, on which 10 year olds moved faster than me).  Eric did two additional ropes courses, but I decided that my heart rate had skyrocketed enough for one day, and called it an afternoon. Baby steps.

Photo Credit
 I don't think I looked nearly as cheerful as the gentleman above when I jumped.

For your entertainment, I'll have Eric carry a camera the next time we go so that you can get an idea of the following:

a) How attractive I look wearing a harness and helmet, and

b) What fright and mild panic look like on someone's face while walking across a cable forty feet up in the air.

I'm totally exaggerating and making it seem worse than it is. I really do have a good time when we go. But have I mentioned that it's outside my comfort zone yet?

Remember this little quote?


I'm thinking more like "once every 7 to 10 days" would work just fine.

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you all have a fantastic week!  And if you haven't met your scare quota yet, do it today. Zip line. Jump off a cliff. Or, just start the week without coffee.


  1. Yay for Pierre! Such a smart pup!! Walter needs to be enrolled there! And umm...I would have had a panic attack about that place. It's like anxiety central. I don't do heights, and I have an irrational fear of drowning (which is only funny because I swam competitively from age 5 through high school...). Also the pottery in Soufflenheim France is gorgeous...just so you know! We did Germany and surrounding countries a few years ago, and it was so much fun! And I just loved Prague!

  2. congrats to pierre!! he looks so adorable in his grad hat! we went ziplining on our honeymoon, and it was fun...but i spent the whole time a little nervous bc of their 'scare tactic' instructions.. "do NOT put your hand in front to slow yourself could lose a finger"... uhhh!! glad you had fun ;)

  3. Pierre is such a little stud muffin. I would like to personally congratulate him by letting him lick out a jar of peanut butter while I rub his belly and sing his praises. Too much?

  4. Go P!! Such a rock star! And go you for all of your adventures! You are far braver than I! So glad the blates went well!!!

  5. Congrats Pierre! He looks so handsome in his graduation cap. And oh how fun to have a blate. I still want to meet a blogger some day and go on a blate. It sounds like a ton of fun!! And I agree, scaring myself once every 7 - 10 days sounds good to me. If I did more than that I don't know if my little heart could take it...ha! Hope you have a great (and scary maybe?) weekend!


  6. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  7. OMG. I can't get past Pierre. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!

  8. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comment on my guest post over at Bloom! It was such an encouragement to me! Also, I might just be caught sneaking Pierre away from you- WHAT A STUD MUFFIN! So precious!