Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Update in Photos

Since I posted last, it snowed...a lot. A lot for Charlotte anyway. We were stuck in our neighborhood for a couple of days, but poor Eric took the brunt of it and got stranded in NYC for an extra four days. Pierre was none too thrilled that he had to get his paws wet, but of course I took advantage of the opportunity for him to wear his winter hat.

 Approximately 48 hours after the above photos were taken, it was 74 degrees outside. So I worked on our back deck in the sunshine...with snow still on the ground. You know you live in the Carolinas when...

Once again, my friends went above and beyond with pick me ups and encouragement while I studied. Sarah sent me this amazing box of goodies  - can we just all agree that the power of good snacks is vastly underestimated?

My best friend, Amy, and her husband, Josh, were kind enough to host me let the crazy completely take over their home the week of the bar. Amy is always the best hostess, but she really outdid herself this time with the cute presents waiting for me in her guest room and endless encouragement.  Not pictured are the gifts that G (my best friend from law school... you all have heard me talk about her before) had waiting for me every single day of the exam. 

I have amazing friends. Amazing. Worth their weight in solid gold.

See below exhibits of how ready we are for spring.  We have been spending a considerable amount of time on the deck soaking up every ounce of mild weather that we can. Pierre's most recent discovery is that the outdoor chairs are large enough to accommodate him as well.


In other Pierre news, he applied for a new position as my office assistant, and managed to swipe a six pack of beer from the pantry (if you are wondering how he actually managed this, you are not alone).  Otherwise, he sleeps, per usual. 

This past weekend, I made the first batch of Arnold Palmers (iced tea/lemonade combo) of the season, and our cherry trees bloomed.

We have such a fun weekend coming up - cannot wait to share more details next week! Hope you all have a safe and happy Friday!


  1. Pierre has excellent taste in beer! And, umm, his ears in that winter hat? Cutest thing I've ever seen! I love it!!

  2. That picture of P on Eric's lap needs to be framed!

  3. Pierre in his hat is adorable! And I am loving that print with the quote. Do you happen to know where that came from? I would love something similar :)

  4. I love Pierre's hat! He is such a handsome gentleman.

  5. I missed a Ferri family update and I am none too pleased it has taken me this long to find it! I love looking at all your pictures :) XO

  6. Pierre!!! i've missed you guys! So are you done with the bar now? Your study habits inspire me and scare me, because I don't think I will ever be dedicated enough to take the bar, let alone take multiple bars...congrats lady!!!

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