Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Ferris!

 Warning: This post is packed with photos!  Since October has been such a busy month for Eric and I, I figured I would update everyone with all of our Halloween activities at once.  Or at least the ones that I didn't forget the camera for...
 Pumpkin carving!  The weekend before Halloween, I arrived hom stressed out from work to find Eric waiting with 2 glorious pumpkins in the garage for us to carve that weekend and do "fall stuff."  He knows the way to my heart for sure :)

Eric did a much better job getting his stem off than I did at first....

 I finally succeeded, although I managed to break my stem in the process.  Then the massive scooping began to get seeds ready for roasting!
Eric got to work carving his...power tools needed, of course. I must say...drilling holes in a pumpkin was
one of the most thrilling things we did this month.

Meanwhile, I separated pulp and got seeds rinsed and ready for the roasting process. I made a batch of traditional salted ones this year, and then tried a batch of cinnamon/sugar ones....traditional was better by far!

Eric with the finished product! A carrot nosed pumpkin :)

 My finished product...monogrammed, of course.  Eric added polka dots for me with the drill. Typical. And another excuse to use a power tool. Bonus.

 Oh you know....just repairing my pumpkin stem. With wood glue. (Didn't work, by the way.)
 October 24th was also our 6 month wedding anniversary. Cheesy to celebrate months, I know. But it's a half of a whole year! I can't believe it's been that long already!  Even though we had planned on going back to our reception venue for a nice dinner on the water, we ended up eating our roasted pumpkin seeds, drinking a good bottle of red wine, and playing a late night game of Sequence instead. So us. It was wonderful :)

 Yesterday, Eric made divine pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Seriously, they were delicious. They just "taste" like fall. Even Eric agreed!
 Eric is the king of breakfast in our house...everyone knows it. And his pancakes (any kind) are heavenly.
 And then today, we made a pumpkin pie milkshake. It looked and tasted delicious...although it was a bit too pumpkin-y to drink the entire glass!
Last, but not least, we settled in for the night to watch some Steelers football and welcome the trick or treaters in our neighborhood :) Life was good today.

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