Monday, October 4, 2010

Keeps me Cryin, Carolina...

We are SO groupies. Admittedly. Eric and I went to see Corey Smith, one of our favorite performers of all time, in concert again last week.  I've lost count of how many shows we've seen of his - I know this is the third we've been to this year - but he's just that good every single time.  And he keeps coming back to Tampa! Fine by us.  We even have "groupie friends" that we know, but only see at his concerts every time. And now, we're official....since we chatted with him after the last show!

You can listen to some of his music here, at his website. I don't quite know what genre to put him in...which is part of why I love his music.  A little rock, a little country, a little folk, a little accoustic...I once heard him describe his music as southern, and I think that fits. It's just real, which is why almost anyone can relate to some aspect of it.  The post title is a lyric from one of his songs, "Carolina," which is one of our favorites.  Seeing as how, well, we're from the Carolinas and all. He rarely plays it at the Florida shows, but he did last week, and it took Eric and I right back home again :)  Who cares if no one else there knew where in the world "Spartanburg" was that they were singing out loud about!

At the last show, we were front and center.  I made friends with the bouncer, who found out I was in law school and chatted me up about allll of his legal problems resulting from his job, getting in fights, throwing people out of the bar, etc.  It was interesting to say the least. But when the show started, he moved right over and let us have his prime spot. Score! That led to some great shots and my favorite show yet...

Definitely worth missing a class of Civil Procedure for!

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