Friday, October 1, 2010

What a week.

This week has been JAM packed. As I set the alarm leaving my house on Wednesday morning, I realized that I had been at home for less than 8 hours since the night before...and then out the door again! Law school is a unique far surpasses the meanings of "hard" and "school" and "study" and "pressure".  Stetson should probably be listed as my main residence some weeks....Address: law library, 3rd reading room on the left.

I heard once that law school is three years of hell, just to become the devil. HA! Probably not far from the truth. I kid.  My friend "B" was just saying last night after a particularly grueling lecture on joinder when filing a lawsuit (and he would curl up and die if he knew he was featured on my blog), "You know, they always tell us here that if it was easy, everyone would do it, and it will all be worth it in the end...but, um, yeah, RIGHT NOW it's hard and I haven't slept and I haven't eaten anything except gas station food and I'd really like a weekend for once." And I said, "I know," and walked wearily to my car.  And as I walked I said to myself (because that's normal, right?), "You must really love this stuff to put yourself through this."  And I do. But sometimes I have to remind myself to make it through. I honestly have no idea how I managed to complete my first year of law school (with good grades!), decorate a new house, and plan an entire wedding in 9 months, but I did. So this year should be nothing now, right?

But, tonight is a date night with Eric...thank goodness. I missed him this week, and my mind needs a break, and there's a made-from-scratch mojito calling my name that's a key factor in maintaining my sanity. Eric is just thankful that I haven't fallen asleep yet...he probably expected to find me curled up under my desk.

And then tomorrow, flag football for Eric in the morning! And a full day of editing a memo for me after that, so that maybe we can have some semblance of a break on Sunday...even though I'll have more reading to do. Such is the life we lead. I'd have to imagine that Eric thinks thoughts similar to mine sometimes..."I must really love her to put myself through this..." And he does. He probably should be granted an honorary degree in counseling and crisis management after trucking through law school with me. My husband is simply the best one out there, and don't you dare argue me on that. I'll turn attorney on you in the blink of an eye...and enjoy it :)

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