Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My brief is turned in, and my final oral argument is over.  And I'm in recovery mode. Fortunately, our librarians all passed the test with flying colors.

My friend Catherine and I were in the library from around 11  am on last Saturday morning until 4 am...the next day. Yes, you counted correctly, that's about 17 hours in the library working on the same assignment. I'm not sure if we kept each other sane, distracted each other, or just relished in our shared misery more....some combination of the three.  Other classmates rotated in and out of our conference room, and finally we called it a "night".  Just to get 3 hours of sleep and get up and work again nonstop until we had to submit the brief the next day.

It's not even that I procrastinated so much....just THAT much work and THAT time consuming, and worth 80% of my grade, only to be followed the very next day by my oral argument which was worth the additional 20%.

I'm not lying when I say I'm still recovering.  After having virtually no weekend for 3 weeks in a row, I was so confused on my days it wasn't even funny.  I thought the following Tuesday was a Friday, and almost forgot to go to class that night...depressing when in fact, it is only Tuesday, and there are still 4 more days to go until the weekend.

And let me just sing my husband's praises, yet again. I have had my head buried in case law for weeks on end and spent the majority of my time at home holed away in the office upstairs. And he still loves me. The unshowered, I-have-worn-these-yoga-pants-for-the-past-3-days, no make-upped, grouchy, stressed, talking in my sleep about substantially affected interests, real me.  And he brought me coffee on a regular schedule people. New, fresh, hot, pumpkin spice coffee...or else I'd be sipping 2 day old cold coffee without even realizing it was disgusting. And food! He brought me food! These are all simple things I know, but the fact that he did it with a smile and still loves me amazes me. Really. Not to mention that he is now a renowned expert on judicial recusal under 28 U.S.C. 455(b)(5)(iii)....not that he ever wanted to be. But I talked so much about it, he didn't have much of a choice.  The most unselfish person I know... if he wasn't wearing a wedding band, he might forget that he has a loving wife and wonder why he took on a crazy law student as a roommate. 

But you'll all be happy to know that I am now on the up and up! And I will be semi-normal for at least a week before I turn into a crazy person again for the duration of exams. But December 15? I'm back. Until the new semester in January and it all starts over again. Oh, the roller coaster we call life :)

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