Friday, December 10, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

12 Days of Christmas: Day 11

I am normally not a resolution maker.  Everyone just seems to start new diets!  I definitely do NOT want to lose any more weight this year - thank you law school for the natural diet. Stress does amazing things to the body, hence I looked scrawny in some of my wedding pics. But I would like to just continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle...continue to work out consistently, eat healthy, etc. My poor husband, who now requests for things to be made with regular white flour instead of wheat, probably wishes I would ease up a little on that and make more desserts :)  Maybe I will...he doesn't need to lose any more weight either!

So the only "resolution-ish" thing that I have this year is just to reorganize/re-prioritize my schedule and see how things work with a change.  For example, I normally get up when Eric leaves for work, but I like to be slow in the out, have coffee, watch the Today Show before getting ready and leaving for work.  And considering I work 50+ hours a week at a busy law firm AND go to law school AND prep for class AND keep up a house AND try to spend as much time as I can with Eric, I feel justified in an hour to myself then. But....I like leisurely weekends too...and right now, I end up doing tons of work for school on the weekends. So, I'm going to try to spend at least 30 minutes in the morning doing some reading for class this semester and see how I like it. Evidence, Sentencing, and Trial's that for a leisurely morning? At least I still have my coffee  :) If I don't like the schedule change, I can always readjust!

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