Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Decorations

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12

I won't be photographing our Christmas decor and getting the shots post-ready for another few's exam time remember? While I can squeeze in a few minutes to post from my desk at work, I can't take and edit photos here. Con Law on Tuesday and I'm done!  Then for some MAJOR catching up on Christmas cheer!

I can tell you that we have taken the decorations up a notch this year! Last year, we had just closed on our house at the end of August, and in the midst of painting, and regular decorating and exams and pneumonia (yeah, my first year of law school. Only me.) and planning our wedding, I didn't get to go ALL out like I wanted to. This year, there was improvement in the Christmas category, and our home is a lot more, well...homey!  Let's just say we even have a tree on the front porch this year :) I can only imagine the lengths I will go to when I don't even have exams to worry about after Thanksgiving! (Eric is likely reading this and trying not to panic.) Stay tuned!


  1. Hey Casey
    Girl, those Christmas decorations can wait, as enticing as they sound. Good luck on your exams and congrats on your new home, getting married, and have had quite a year. I'll be stopping back, once a MOM, always a MOM. Don't stress out and get pneumonia again. You are adorable! Thanks for your sweet comment...

  2. Oh a ps...I was married on April 24. Dare I say the year. Yes, 1977! And we are still happily married today, we are still each others best friend. So you and Eric can look forward to many years, April 24th is the best day to get married. And I have a pair of the those red sole heels, Damn! Oprah made me do it!