Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Better Late than Never...

Wow, do I have some catching up to do. After exams were over, I simply wanted to *exist* and do nothing. So I did. It was nice. And now back to it :)

Somehow this picture got buried in a slew of others, and I forgot to post about it!  After the Appellate Brief saga was over, my friend and classmate, Catherine, and I decided we needed a craft/wine day to recuperate. It was a very good idea.  Since it was pre-Thanksgiving, we busied ourselves with getting a step ahead on Christmas decorations...wreaths! And more importantly, her very first wreath for her new apartment!

After some Michael's and Jo Ann's perusing, and over a bottle of wine and banana bread (what a mixture, I know), this is what we came up with!

Catherine's is a grapevine wreath with a few coordinating ribbons tied on...and the most adorable string of red wooden beads you ever saw, although you can't see them that well in the picture. Mine is a wire form wreath with strips of natural burlap tied in knots all the way around...and you sure can't miss the big red bow! Tied and hot glued to perfection :)

I see more wine crafting in our future.

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  1. Cross out crafting, I see more wine in our futures. Actually, in my present as I'm currently having a glass.