Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stylish Bloggers

A while back, I received the Stylish Blogger award from Emily at LaForce Be With You!

Emily and I pretty much switched lives I think! I grew up in the Carolinas and went to college near Charlotte, but now live in Florida. She grew up in Florida, and now lives in the Charlotte area! And we both have husbands named Eric :)  She has a precious blog, and some great ideas. All you Clemson fans out there will love her Tiger Tails.

To accept this award, I'm:
1) Thanking and linking back to Emily!
2) Sharing 7 things about myself.
3) Awarding some recently discovered fantastic bloggers!
4) Contacting the bloggers and letting them know I've featured them.

So on to the seven things about me...
1) I never watch television, and I'm not a huge movie fan. I do really really like the Today Show - I think mostly because I really like to start the mornings slow with a big mug of coffee after I work out.  I also watch The Biggest Loser with Eric, but that's about it. I was always so busy in high school and college that I never had time, and it's a good thing I never got in the habit because I have even less time now!

2) I love, love, love to read. Which is another reason why I never watched television I think. I would much rather have a good book in my hand. I got a Kindle for Christmas and love the convenience of it when we travel, but nothing beats the smell of a brand new book in my hand!
Favorite Book Ever. Of all time. Favorite author ever. Of all time.

3) My life's mantra is "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." (T. Roosevelt)

4) We are coming up on my one year wedding anniversary! All in one year, I moved 2 states away from home, started a new job, started my first year of law school, bought and decorated a house, and planned a wedding. Despite all of that, our wedding day was spot on! I'm just now starting to feel the calm after the storm! Eric and I had a morning beach ceremony and a reception over lunch on the water. My favorite part of the day was arriving and departing our reception by sailboat.

5) Eric and I are pretty new members at Idlewild Baptist Church, and we love it! It's huge...over 10,000 members, but everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it still manages to have a personal feel to it. Plus, there are SO many ways to get involved, both in the church, as well as in the Tampa Bay area! Feel free to join us one Sunday if you're looking for a new church!

6) I adore monograms. Anywhere, on anything, at any time, for any occasion. My planner is monogrammed, my purses are monogrammed, my hats are monogrammed, my Kindle cover is monogrammed, my duvet cover is monogrammed...the list goes on and on. I grew up in SC...I get it honest.

7)My day doesn't feel complete if I don't start it with a cup of coffee.

 So there you have it! Some newly found bloggers that I'm nominating for this award are:

Heidi at 5 Perfect Imperfections
Laura ("G" to me) at A Spot of Jo
Megan at The Road to the Big Kid Life
Lauren at Simply Me

Show them some love!

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  1. Haha we really did swap lives!! Great post and I love your life mantra!