Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving

 I'm linking up the things I love today with Jamie!    

  1. The absolutely gorgeous, heavenly weather we've been having here in Tampa!  We had a rather chilly winter last year, but it's been consistently in the mid to high 70's since late January this year!

2.  The fact that Eric and I have tickets to  Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? on Saturday night at The American Stage Theatre Company! (and that there's an awesome craft beer bar just a few doors down from the theater that we love!)

3. My husband, and the fact that after an incredibly difficult assignment at a HUGE problem bank, he will be in town for the next several weeks!

4. That my BFF  G has started her own blog, likely to dispel my nagging, but whatev. I'm in love with her title!

5. That our one year wedding anniversary is only 46 days away, and our 8 day vacation to Paris and Versailles to celebrate is only 49 days away!  I'm definitely looking forward to some down time with Eric after a crazy semester and massive upcoming trial at work! By then, all the prep work will be over, and we'll be able to relax.  

And because I can, I'll brag on Eric for just a minute. He is a marvelous trip planner. Our honeymoon to Italy was meticulously planned down to the last detail, and yet...still felt spontaneous. I've had a little more input as to the specifics of this trip, but his ideas for France are just fabulous so far! I'm so thankful for his planning skills...and once we get there, his ridiculously awesome sense of direction! Because let me tell you, I cannot find my way out of a paper bag without Garmin.

One of the things that I am most excited about is seeing the fresh flower markets :)

Our hotel in Versailles...ON the grounds of the Palace!

The inside of our hotel in Versaille....I'm loving this green chair!

6. Since aforementioned trial, law school, problem banks, and Eric's statistics class are driving us a little crazy right now, I'm loving that we've blocked out an entire weekend the last weekend of March for a little getaway just to plan our trip to France and take a breather before the end of the semester!

I'm thinking that weekend will involve some of these...

And these...

 And a crash course in French for me! I should probably work on how to ask for directions first...

"Où se trouve le café le plus proche?" 
How do I get to the nearest cafe? All I need to know!

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

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