Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Day 14} of 31 Days of Balance: Know the Greater Purpose

 On days where nothing else in the world can settle your mind or balance your soul, root your thoughts in the greater purpose of your business. If you can't associate what stresses you with a greater purpose, then quit doing it. Now. 

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When our minds and days are consumed with worry, the stress of law school, impossible amounts of reading, travel for work, people who are less than stellar to work for/with, late nights, exhaustion, and an endless sensation of "catching up," Eric and I look ahead to our greater purpose. We look ahead to how it will strengthen our relationship, and how the work we do now will provide better opportunities for our family in the future. Right now, we are both working full time, I am in law school, and Eric is working towards his MBA. We will graduate the same semester. After the bar exam, we likely won't know what to do with our free time. (And after we stop paying tuition, we likely won't know what to do with our money either!) Even though our days are insanely busy now, we will finish at the same time and be done. We work together, we finish together.  That spot is what we are working toward. Even on the craziest of days, we keep moving because we know that there is an end.  The greater purpose and knowing all the good that is in store for us is what keeps us going. 

What is your greater purpose? What are you working toward? Grab it, hold onto it, and use it for balance as you move forward.

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