Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Day 25} of 31 Days of Balance: Choose Your Mentors Wisely

It's a good thing to have someone to look up to in your profession and in your current stage in life. But so often we look to those in our fields who are the most "successful" by world standards. Maybe they make the most money. Maybe they have the highest position. Maybe they have the most power. Maybe they are the most popular. Maybe everyone knows who they are. Maybe they won the most cases. 

But when we're talking about balance, work is only a part of it. Balance is about a lifestyle as a whole. Instead of looking to some of the typical "success" stories, seek out people in your field who have managed to have a successful career, yet have a strong marriage after 25 years. Look up to the people whose children want to be around them. Look up to the people who have made the biggest difference in the lives of others.  Look up to the people who have best friends. Look up to the people that others praise, even when they aren't around.

Make sure the people that you're looking up to are people that you actually want to be like. Are they balanced, or are you working toward being a person you don't really want to be?

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