Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Day 26} of 31 Days of Balance: Spend Less, Balance More

In so many areas of our lives, we find what's important when we cut the fluff. Try spending less for just one month. Cut out all the fluff. Cut out anything that's not a necessity. It's here that you will find the things that truly make you happy.  Do you really enjoy buying a cup of coffee out every morning, or is it just habit? If you miss it when you cut it out, then continue it, but make room for it in your budget.  Do you really need another black skirt, or are you buying it just because it's on sale?  When we cut our spending, we find out the things that are really important for us to have, and we learn to leave out the ones that aren't.  A balanced budget is part of a balanced life. What can you cut first?

[If you want to start with this series from the beginning, click here. You can check out all the other 31-dayers here.]

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