Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Because Eric and I were heading back to South Carolina for Christmas Day, we exchanged our own gifts the weekend before and cooked our favorite Italian shrimp dish for dinner. I definitely need to post that recipe's too good not to share.

Eric and I both had the hardest time coming up with things that we wanted for gifts! But we both had a few surprises up our sleeves....

And yep, we exchanged gifts in comfy clothes! Love it.

Some of Eric's gifts included organizational peg boards and gadgets for the garage, a Dremel, a Steelers hat that he wanted, and a planner that he asked for. Some of mine included lots of smell good perfume, lotions, candles, etc. and a piece of framed Rodney White art that I have wanted for a while :)

We always put funny names on the presents...Eric labeled my perfume like old AIM screen ya'll remember those?! Those were the middle school days...

The finished project ready to be hung on the wall :)
We had lots of fun being kids again...and I got yummy Godiva Peppermint Hot Chocolate in my stocking, so the rest of the night was spent cuddled up on the couch watching A Christmas Carol.

The next week, as an addition to normal presents, we had a funny Dirty Santa gift exchange with my family. Or Chinese Auction. Or White Elephant exchange. Or whatever you want to call those things where you each pick a number and then you can steal someone's gift. I handmade all of mine for fun this year and they turned out cute!
Chalkboard Vase!

Homemade Hand Scrub!

Burlap Wreath with Starfish!
I failed to mention that Eric and I spent 75% of our time off over the holidays going on Christmas dates and to lots of holiday events. Transiberian Orchestra was a huge surprise for me, just to name one!  We even did a few weekday dates, like the lights at Florida Botanical Gardens (yes I forgot the camera) and then a walk on the beach with coffee...fresh ocean air in December will cure anything.

Annnnd....more on this later, but we booked our one year anniversary trip to Paris and Versailles for the last week of April/first week of May! We are super excited! This time last year, we booked a trip to Rome, and now this year we're booking Paris! Who knows what NEXT December may bring.... :)

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