Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Camden

On Christmas Eve, Eric and I left early, early, early in the morning and drove to my hometown of Camden, SC to spend Christmas with my family.  We got in, relaxed and napped for a while, and then headed to the Christmas Eve service at my mom's church.  Afterward,  we went back to my mom for a slew of appetizers (a Christmas Eve tradition) and to open presents with my Nana and Papa. The fur babies got their share of gifts too!

Excited for a new bag of Pupperonis! And looking so cute in their matching collars that Eric and I bought them :)
Me with a new HUGE purse from my Nana and Papa...I love it! And another set of my favorite, softest, towels ever.
Just one more of my sweet Polka Dot :) getting sleepy from all the action!
On Christmas morning, we had coffee with my Nana and Papa, and then headed to my mom's to exchange gifts with them! Then Eric and I came home, worked out, and relaxed for the afternoon! On Christmas night, my mom's brother and his family came over to Nana and Papa's, and we all played the aforementioned gift-exchange game. Eric made his famous homemade chili for seriously might be my favorite food in the entire world.

Needless to say, we all ate too much and went to bed stuffed. At least the chili is a healthy recipe :) And the best part? We woke up the next morning to this!

The closes thing to a white Christmas we have gotten in the Carolinas in a LONNNG time!  Eric was dying to get out and play in it, so cup of coffee in hand, I obliged! We nearly froze to death. Both of us have become so used to the Florida weather, we didn't last very long in the elements! But we did take the time to build a (mini) snowman and take some photos before hurrying back in to get warm.

Ready to brave the cold! I love the pop of color street signs give in the snow.

Our little snowman :)
One of the most beautiful things in all of nature is a pine tree covered in snow...
Beauty in the small things...I love the starkness and clean lines of winter.
After we warmed up, we headed back out with my Papa to see more of the landscape around their a warm, heated, truck! Now that's my idea of enjoying the snow :) Those shots are coming in the next post!

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