Thursday, January 6, 2011


In South Carolina, we didn't quite manage a white Christmas day, but a white day-after-Christmas is close enough to count for us!  We headed out with my Nana and Papa to see more snow-covered landscape, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Seeing this much unpopulated, completely untouched land covered with a soft (still falling) blanket of snow made us miss life outside of a big city.

The photos speak for themselves so enjoy! And make sure you get to the end for the funniest picture I think I have ever taken in my life.

Eric and my Papa taking us out for a drive in the snow!
It has been a LONG time since Eric and I have driven on roads this small!
And a long time since we've seen signs like this...
And no lie...this next photo was not photoshopped. There was a loose hog on the side of the road that had gotten out of his pen somehow! It's owner drove up right behind us to get precious! Just standing on the side of the road watching us go by!

The sheer beauty of the natural, rolling landscape was such a nice change of pace for Eric and I. The whole world seemed to be covered in white, and out there...away from anything close to a "city" or even a "town"....there was no rush to remove it so that people could resume their busy lives. We were content to just "be."

Love the layering in this one.

You can tell by how gray some of the shots are that it was still snowing pretty heavily when we were out. The next photo seems like kind of a random shot...perhaps it is....but there was something I loved about the blue of those water tanks against all the white snow. So "wintery" and clean.

On the way home, we stopped by my Nana's church to get some shots of it in the snow...

When we got home, my Nana insisted on getting a photo with her cat, Sally. Sally...who is actually a male, but was already named when my Nana found out. So the name stuck. Poor thing.  Anyway, Sally was none too keen on getting his photo taken...he was cold, wet, and wanted no part of it.  This was my Nana's 6th or 7th attempt to get him to look at the camera...

hahahahaha That poor cat! She must have been choking him! The look of terror and anger in his eyes is hilarious...he sprinted faster than I have ever seen a cat run to get away from her when she put him down. At the end of the day, she got her photo! Bless Sally's little heart.

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