Saturday, February 5, 2011

Right now...

Right now, I'm sitting on my bed laptop in my lap, in the midst of cleaning, Coast of Carolina by Buffet in the background, looking at this....

A 75 degree, soft, summer rain falling. Even though it's only February 5.  Have I mentioned that I love living in Tampa?

No blinds on the window, because I got an itch to do spring cleaning early. Eric took the wooden blinds down so that I could clean them in the driveway this morning just before this rolled in...

Such a great day to get work done on some projects around the house! 

Stay tuned for a before and after :)
All in shorts and flip flops.

Any creepsters out there? Take notice of the ADT sign.

Life is good today :) For now, I'll be restoring my sanity and recharging my batteries through some therapeutic cleaning. And relying on an old favorite to set the mood...

Don't you just love sparkling clean house that smells clean?

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  1. Jealous of that warm weather! That is something I definitely miss about FL! I gave you a stylish blogger award so check it out: